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weathered farmhouse dresser with a mirror and stack of vintage quilts

Guide To Buying Vintage Home Decor

You see photos everywhere of homes decorated just right with beautiful vintage pieces. But WHERE and HOW should you find vintage items for your home without it looking like leftovers from a garage sale? Here I am going to give you a guide to buying vintage home décor so that you can begin to collect the perfect items to fit your life, your home and your style.

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black and white picture of a man holding ripened cherry and beefsteak tomatoes

70 Funny & Inspiring Vegetable Gardening Quotes

Whether you’re a seasoned vegetable gardener or a gardening newbie, it feels good to dig your hands into the earth and cultivate food for your own table. For a boost of creativity and sometimes a laugh, I’ve compiled some inspiring and funny vegetable gardening quotes for you to start the gardening season.

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farmhouse exterior prior to remodel with white siding

Farmhouse Remodel Before Photos

In June, 2021 we bought us a farmhouse. A big, fixer upper, beauty of a farmhouse. I will be documenting our journey through our renovation. Here are the farmhouse remodel before photos.

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vintage kitchen appliance with vintage cookware

25 Vintage Style Kitchen Appliances [2022]

Whether you’ve completed the kitchen remodel of your dreams or if you’re still planning for your “someday” kitchen, your modern appliances might not fit your vintage ideas. Here are 25 vintage style kitchen appliances that will complete your retro or antique kitchen.

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boho bedroom with low platform bed layers of blankets neutral walls woven baskets

50 Vintage Boho Living Room Ideas

When you think of Bohemian vibe, you probably envision a wild and free spirits. But when it comes to decorating, Boho can quickly go from enviable free spirit to cat lady cluttered real fast. Here are 50 vintage Boho living room ideas to get you started decorating with a free spirit flair.

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woman holding coffee mug standing in front of farmhouse butlers pantry countertop

Hey, I’m Tammy, and I’ve lived most of my life in the middle of a reno project.

I am going to give you quick and easy tips of how to decorate & add vintage style that makes a your house feel like a cozy home. I’ll also share the vintage lifestyle (with some modern updates) that I was raised with and continue with my own family.

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