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picture collage of vintage inspired storage and decor items for an unfinished basement laundry room

45 DIY Unfinished Basement Laundry Room Ideas

If your home is like many others, you have an unfinished, cave-like basement where you stick the washer and dryer into a deep, dark corner. If doing laundry wasn’t bad enough, just the thought of entering the dungeon to switch out a load makes you put it off one more day. Fear no more! Here are 45 DIY unfinished basement laundry room ideas that will add vintage style even to this area of your home. These will make you actually happy to enter this space!

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assorted vintage style kitchen utensils found on amazon

40 Vintage Style Kitchen Utensils from Amazon (2022)

When it comes to kitchen utensils, I am a minimalist. I just don’t have the space or desire to store every kitchen gadget that’s out there. But living in a tiny house, I also want items to serve a dual purpose – usefulness and beauty. Here is my list of 40 vintage style kitchen utensils from Amazon to do just that.

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sheet of garage sale price stickers

20 Tips How To Price Garage Sale Items

IT’S TIME TO HAVE A GARAGE SALE, BABY! And then it hits you. You don’t want to give things away, but you also don’t want to scare people away with high prices. What to do?!?! Never fear, mah dear. Here are my 20 tips how to price garage sale items.

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mobile home living room with farmhouse dresser bookshelf velvet curtains vintage chair and pictures

How to Decorate a Mobile Home Living Room

Whether you’re living in a single wide mobile home, apartment or rental, it is completely possible to add vintage character to a home you love. You don’t have to wait for your “perfect home” to make it cozy and unique. I will show you how to decorate a mobile home living room that is both vintage inspired and family friendly.

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Our Vintage Bungalow

Howdy! I’m Tammy, and I’ve lived most of my life stretching a low decorating budget through garage sales and DIY renovation.

I am going to give you quick and easy tips on the beauty of reusing older items instead of spending tons of money on new. I’ll show you how I add vintage style that makes a your house feel like a cozy home (even with young kids, a practical husband and a big dog in tow). 

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