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Hey there, mama. It’s time to create a home that reflects your family’s personality & breathes joy into your life.

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Curious about your vintage decor style?


Create a uniquely beautiful home

That tells your story and works for your family…messy toddlers and big, hairy dogs included. 

little boy and girl playing with vintage toys in little girls bedroom


Use Vintage Decor

Without it feeling like a museum or grandma’s house. AND without raised eyebrows from your practical-minded husband.


Learn to decorate well

Without that feeling of failure or overwhelm at “yet another thing on your to-do list.”

Let’s make this fun!

woman holding coffee mug standing in front of farmhouse butlers pantry countertop and cabinets
woman entering front door of her bungalow home with vintage decor

Welcome Home

Let home make you smile

My name is Tammy King, and I will help you use vintage decor to create a peacefully beautiful home…a home that makes you smile, not sigh as you see yet another frame with no family photo in it.  (Can’t we just adopt that stock photo family as our own and call it good enough???)

I am a mama of two, wife of the most faaabulous guy (who prefers new vs vintage) and vintage connoisseur since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.  I prefer wearing one of Caleb’s flannel shirts but do like to get all gussied up once in a while.

Let’s journey together to make a memorable home (not despite having kids but BECAUSE of them) and embrace this crazy, good life.

Step by Step

You ARE the type of person that can have a beauty-filled home with just the right amount of vintage.

Join the Our Vintage Bungalow community for regular updates and to find confidence in decorating a home that reflects YOU.

You can DO THIS, girl!

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