Our Story

I felt frivolous for caring what my home looked like. Really, what did it matter???

But EVERY TIME I passed by that empty photo frame or bare shelf, I felt like crap about myself.

And then I realized, creating a beautiful home is not frivolous.  It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.  My home was supposed to recharge me so I can tackle life.  But it was sapping my strength.  I needed it to be a haven.

I am not here to make you feel bad about yourself or your home.  In fact, I’m here to do just the opposite. I want to:

Hi, I’m Tammy, owner of Our Vintage Bungalow.

Joining me in life is my amazing husband Caleb and our miracle babies, Nico and Ada.

Our (actual) vintage bungalow, built in 1900, needed a total reno.  (And I mean to-tal.) We (mostly me) shed tears of frustration and danced parties of success throughout the journey.

I’m a mom of young kids. I have mom friends. This amazing life can also be overwhelming.

Your home doesn’t have to add to that overwhelm.

Let me HELP YOU allow your home to beautifully reflect your life.  (Yes, I mean that. Kids and all.)

I would love to invite you over for coffee and pumpkin scones.  I hope this space is like a chat we would have if that were possible.

Welcome to my home, Friend.