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Living a Vintage Life in a Modern World...with Kids
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I'm Tammy

From old houses to old music, home decor and lifestyle, I am a vintage lovin’ girl. (Caleb says I even talk like an old person…wait, doesn’t every one say “knee high to a grasshopper”?!)

I was raised buying most things from a garage sale and doing DIY renovations on my parent’s farmhouse…and I continue that lifestyle to this day.

I own a blog and Etsy shop that encourages simple and intentional, vintage style living. Instead of rushing out to buy new items, we seek the beauty in reusing older things. I teach people how to garage sale, DIY renovate old houses and live in a small home all while having very young kids in tow.

Our Vintage Bungalow's Mission

Here we teach our lifestyle of buying and selling many of our family’s items at garage sales, “beautifying” our space through small or large home renovations and using vintage home decor in practical ways.

We Value

My dream was to be a homemaker and
stay at home mom.

So after we paid off our first home, I quit my job of eleven years in the financial world and started a vintage Etsy shop based on my love of garage and estate sales.

 The first year in business, I replaced my former salary.

Our Bungalow

The man of my dreams and I started married life in a repossessed little bungalow built in 1900 and in desperate need of renovation. We took that $56,000 home, gave it a full out remodel for $50,000 and sold it for $167,000 eight years later.

Our Mobile Home

We bought a farmhouse and ten acres and with a 1979 single wide mobile home in the back. The joke was that if the farmhouse reno took too long, we could move in. The joke became a reality but only after we got rid of the mice, did a quick but complete makeover and named her “Bertha.” 

We’re still in Bertha.

Our Farmhouse

As with many “quick renovations,” our farmhouse is stretching into it’s third year. We are doing much of the work DIY and paying for most of it as we go. It does take a village though, and both sides of the family have helped tremendously. The farmhouse ain’t purdy now, but she will be someday.

…at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves.

Whether living in the midst of a messy remodel or in a single wide mobile home, I realized, creating a beautiful home is not frivolous.  


My home was supposed to recharge me so I can tackle life.  But it was sapping my strength.  I needed it to be a haven.

I am not here to make you compare your life with mine.  In fact, I’m here to do just the opposite. I want to:

Hi, I’m Tammy, owner of Our Vintage Bungalow.

Joining me in life is my amazing husband Caleb and our miracle babies, Nico and Ada.

Our (actual) vintage bungalow, built in 1900, needed a total reno.  (And I mean to-tal.) We (mostly me) shed tears of frustration and danced parties of success throughout the journey.

I’m a mom of young kids. I have mom friends. This amazing life can also be overwhelming.

Your home doesn’t have to add to that overwhelm.

Let me HELP YOU allow your home to beautifully reflect your life.  (Yes, I mean that. Kids and all.)

I would love to invite you over for coffee and pumpkin scones.  I hope this space is like a chat we would have if that were possible.

Welcome to my home, Friend.