I believe that home should be a place to refresh your soul and tell YOUR story.

You’ve drooled in the Target aisle and stood in the Hobby Lobby checkout with a loaded cart. And then you come home with beautiful things that


Don’t get me wrong, I still love me a good Target run and throw pillow. But these things fill in the gaps.  They don’t DEFINE your HOME.

I will walk with you to mix vintage and new decor that you feel AT HOME in because it’s YOUR STORY

Bonus:  it will be kid-approved and worry free. Homes are for living in after all. 

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Welcome to SIMPLY VINTAGE HOME where you will

~ Learn to create a welcoming, comfortable and beautiful home that brings you joy

~ Not following short-term fads by using a mix of vintage decor, personal keepsakes and new items to tell your story

~ Make your beautiful home live-able for your spouse, kids and furry pets

~ Know the nitty gritty decorating steps so you can feel confident in continuing your home decor journey

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These aren’t items that are “in” today and “out” tomorrow.  They have already stood the test of time and will hold meaning for years to come.