Meet Our Team

Meet Caleb

This is Caleb, my most fabulous partner in life and business.  He’s the one who fixes anything that needs fixin’ on my vintage finds. His job also includes listing the items for sale at Our Vintage Bungalow on Etsy.

The strong and silent type, he’s an ex-Marine and current firefighter. His happy place is out clearing the land at our farmhouse.

Meet Tammy

Hey There! 
I’m Tammy, creator and owner of Our Vintage Bungalow. I’ll pass up a real store any day of the week, but show me a garage sale, and I’m all over it like a duck on a june bug. 
Give me a quiet day at home with dreary weather and a crochet project to make me one happy girl.

Meet Glorie

The woman who makes our week go round.  She’s up for any task we give her, but her main job is photographing items in the shop and shipping orders.

She’s not one to let a party go without her, but she’ll let you know that she’s mainly there for the food.

Meet Stacie

And now we have Stacie, my virtual assistant and the one who keeps me sane and organized.  From bookkeeping to replying to customer messages to running our Pinterest marketing, she does it all.

On weekends, you’ll find her with her lovely family hiking and exploring the beautiful outdoors.