Real Fall Leaf Garland Craft for Kids

 I love vintage style décor that simply brings nature indoors. And when my kids can be a part of that autumn decorating, it’s a win win! Here is my real fall leaf garland craft for kids for simple vintage style décor.

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When we lived in town, our family loved going for walks anytime we could. With my toddlers, we would always look for signs of change for the new season. One of our favorite things to look for was the changing fall colors. Living in the Midwest, we don’t have the burst of autumn colors that some states do. So that means when we find a good tree, it is something special indeed.

Of course, my little ones loved to gather fall leaves and bring them to me as treasures from their “color hunt.” Usually the real leaves would sit in the bottom of the stroller, forgotten until we pulled it out of the garage for our next walk.

As summer turns to the fall season, I love adding small autumn decorations in our home. This usually means I buy a few pumpkins, scatter a few colorful leaves and light my favorite fall candle. One year, I decided to let the kids make a fall craft. But confession time: as much as I love my kids, I’m not always super eager to display their creations. 

This real fall leaf garland is a great way to give them a quick and easy fall craft that would actually be something I enjoyed hanging for everyone to see! It teaches the kids different ways to be thankful during this autumn season and appreciation for the beautiful nature all around. And this simple yet beautiful fall leaf garland is so much fun to enjoy during this beautiful time of year.

Why You Want to Make this Simple Fall Garland Craft

  • Simple craft for younger children that you will actually accomplish!
  • Lets you and your kids outside in a fun way during the autumn months to appreciate the changing season
  • Reminds kids of what they have to be thankful for
  • Autumn décor that is reminiscent of a simpler vintage era
  • Seasonal décor that you don’t have to store in tubs for ten months out of the year
  • Is free fall décor (other than a few craft supplies that can be used for many other things)
  • A great addition to your natural fall home decor or Thanksgiving table centerpiece

Materials Needed for Real Leaf Fall Garland Craft for Kids

  • Fall leaves of different colors – small leaves to large
  • Acrylic paint marker in a color that stands out from the color of the leaves
  • String
  • Mini clothespins
  • 2 small Command Strip hooks

Steps for Making Your Real Fall Leaf Garland Craft for Kids

Step 1: Go on a leaf hunt and gather varying sizes of colorful autumn leaves

You will want the leaves to be fairly fresh and not crunchy. It’s fine if they’ve already fallen to the ground, but make sure they’re soft.

Step 2: (Optional Step) Press the Leaves

If you prefer using perfectly flat leaves for your garland, press the leaves in a heavy book for several days until they dry.

Step 3: Gather Acrylic Markers and Leaves

I found that paint works best instead of a black sharpie. You could simple let your kids paint with a brush, but I wanted to write words. I actually had a paint bottle with a writing tip on hand that we used. These acrylic paint markers will work well for the task.

Step 4: Write and Paint on the Leaves

I asked the kids what they were thankful for and wrote items on each leaf. Then I let them paint on other leaves.

Step 5: Let the Paint Dry While Hanging Your String

  • While your painted leaves are drying, fasten two Command Strip hooks where you want the garland to hang. 
  • Tie a loop in one end of some string.
  • Hang the string with a slight dip in it. (You don’t want the string to be tight.)
  • Tie a loop on the other end and hang on the Command Strip.

Step 6: Use Clothespins to Clip Leaves onto the String

Find some mini clothespins here that will add a simple, vintage Farmhouse feeling to your beautiful fall garland for kids.

I know this is a super simple real fall leaf garland, but sometimes the easy crafts and fall decorating are the most meaningful. It’s diy fall garland you can actually accomplish with young kids. And it’s an easy way to add fall decor without running out to the craft store to buy decorations that will have to be stored in tubs ten months out of the year. And it’s a great fall craft that makes good use of all those leaves little hands love to bring you. Be sure to add this delightful craft to your fall family fun list! 

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Comment below and tell me what your favorite natural fall décor or fall crafts are!

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