100 Nostalgic Childhood Summer Farm Memories

Whether you’re a kid from the 1950’s, 1980’s or 2000’s, these 100 nostalgic childhood summer farm memories will bring back good ol’ times. Country kids in the summer are a different breed, and these summertime childhood memories of a farm kids will make you smile in agreement. So take a moment to remember your own childhood dog days of summer or use these ideas as inspiration to recreate a farm kid summer for your youngsters!

  1. Finding a wild rose bush

  2. The buzz of locusts overtaking a peaceful evening

  3. Rhythmic chirping of frogs at dusk

  4. Creepy chorus of coyotes

  5. Holding your marshmallow too close to the fire

  6. Running full tilt in capture the flag 

  7. Trying not to burn your face as you roast a hot dog

  8. The smell of hamburgers on the grill

  9. The big Tupperware bowl filled with yellow potato salad

  10. A game of kick the can with a bunch of friends at dusk

  11. Sitting around the campfire talking late into a Friday night

  12. A classic game of hide and seek or sardines in the dark while your parents visit

  13. Gathering locust shells from trees and hanging them on your shirt

  14. Watermelon juice dripping down your chin

  15. Trying to keep a juicy BLT from falling apart

  16. One person cranking homemade ice cream while the other person sits on the bucket to keep it from jumping around

  17. Sucking on ice cream rock salt

  18. Strawberry shortcake with homegrown strawberries 

  19. Your backache from stretching and leaning to pick strawberries

  20. The dreadful chore of hoeing the vegetable garden

  21. Swimming in a stock tank and feeling the slime on the bottom with your bare feet

  22. Picking an arm full of fragrant lilacs

  23. Making mud pies decorated with juniper berries from the cedar trees

  24. Cautiously looking for poison ivy when hiking or walking in the woods

  25. Getting cedar tree sap on your hands that won’t go away

  26. Catching lightning bugs and putting them in a jar only to find them all dead the next morning

  27. Swinging on a tire swing until you touch the tree branches

  28. Spinning on a twisted up swing until you’re sick

  29. Itchiness all over from rolling around in the grass

  30. Catching a ride with your dad on the Grasshopper riding lawn mower

  31. Doing donuts (or cutting kitties) on the zero turn lawn mower when your dad isn’t looking

  32. The Schwan’s man pulling in the driveway

  33. Orange sherbet push-up ice cream

  34. Ring pop, eye popper sour bubble gum and pretend cigarette candy

  35. Water fights with old Lego buckets full of water

  36. Super soaker water guns

  37. Laying on the hot cement after a water fight 

  38. A box full of icy pops in the deep freezer chest

  39. Tanning on a plastic woven lounge chair

  40. Sweat bees when you’re weeding the flower garden

  41. Picking sand plums…so much sweat in your eyes and itching arms

  42. The unforgettable memories from spending a week at grandma and grandpa’s house

  43. Riding with grandpa in his ancient pickup to check the cattle

  44. Playing house under the cedar bushes

  45. Standing in front of the window air conditioner

  46. The coo of mourning doves on a sultry, quiet afternoon

  47. The creak of a 100-year-old windmill

  48. Waking up on grandma’s couch to the smell of pancakes

  49. Catching grasshoppers

  50. Rhythmic whomp-whomp-whomp of an out-of-balance ceiling fan

  51. An afternoon nap on shag carpet in the cool house living room

  52. Makeshift outdoor tents from tarps and saw horses

  53. Letting go of a rope swing at the right moment to make the perfect splash in the creek

  54. Hanging up freshly washed doll clothes under the tree

  55. Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd on a Saturday morning

  56. Cutting the first tomato in half, sprinkling on salt and pepper and eating it over the kitchen sink

  57. The infernal scratch of hay from stacking hay bales 

  58. Searching for a new litter of kittens

  59. A big bowl of Mom’s homemade ice cream. Then a second bowl

  60. Burning yourself with a punk while lighting fireworks

  61. Staying up past midnight to watch a meteor shower with lifelong friends

  62. Hands-on experiences where the whole family worked on a hard, manual labor project all day Saturday

  63. Sweat soaked jeans from riding double during horseback riding

  64. The unbearable heat of a hayloft

  65. A vase full of zinnias

  66. Sweet home, Alabama blaring

  67. Blue fingers from eating mulberries straight from the tree

  68. Making a whistle out of a wide blade of grass

  69. Perpetually pink from calamine lotion

  70. Sweltering in the kitchen while canning jars upon jars of tomatoes

  71. Two weeks of perfectly juicy peaches

  72. The joy (and envy) while swimming in a friend’s pool

  73. Birthday parties that consisted of turning on the sprinkler and opening a box of Little Debbie’s

  74. Reading a book during a rainstorm in the hayloft

  75. A best friend dropping by unannounced and staying for three hours

  76. Whiplash from playing Red Rover

  77. Lightly brushing someone’s ear with tickle grass

  78. Spending the night in the backyard until you get too scared from coyotes

  79. SpaghettiOs 

  80. Grilled cheese 

  81. Reading Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys far into the night…and being too scared to go to sleep

  82. Canned crushed pineapple and mayonnaise sandwiches or banana and mayo sandwiches

  83. Pretending to “gallup” a horse down the forever long drive to check the mail

  84. Homemade popsicles with jello

  85. Running through the mud in a freshly plowed field after a rainstorm

  86. Dressing baby farm animals in doll clothes

  87. The tickle of ducklings eating out of your hand

  88. Forever ruining your clothes in a mud puddle

  89. Looking for grandma and grandpa to turn onto your dirt road for a visit

  90. Making giant “nests” out of straw after wheat harvest

  91. Chewing wheat grains until it turns to gum

  92. Playing in the back of the field wheat truck and burying yourself in the wheat like it was sand

  93. Picking strawberries, green beans and all other garden produce in the warm morning before the heat of the hot summer days

  94. Itchy arms after picking okra

  95. Making necklaces and bracelets from dandelion stems and other natural materials

  96. Raiding Dad’s junk pile as a great place to find items for making a fort

  97. The dusty smell of a combine cab or wheat truck

  98. Perpetually scraped, bruised and scabbed knees from outdoor activities

  99. The pride of catching your own sunfish or perch at grandpa’s pond

  100. A day of family fishing followed by fish fry of bass and catfish that always had a pond-y taste

  101. Windows open, lace curtains blowing in the fresh air, birds chirping

  102. The Oakridge Boys, Glen Campbell and Dolly Parton playing on the kitchen table radio

As we move forward in life, let’s not forget the good times of the past. You might have enjoyed some or all of these 100 nostalgic childhood summer farm memories or you might have a totally different set of childhood summer memories. Either way, the summer for most kids was a time of freedom and endless possibilities. So this year, let’s try to give that same gift of heat and boredom and freedom to discover to our own children.

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