Vintage Style Pet Food Bowls and Storage Containers

You have adopted a furry bundle of joy and brought them to your vintage style home with all happiness and anticipation. But how can you integrate your necessary pet supplies with the vintage style of your home?! Welcome to my list of vintage style pet food bowls and storage containers that will fit any vintage home décor.

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The uninspired metal food and water bowls, plastic storage tote for treats and large, unsightly bags of pet food in the corner all seem necessary if you have a cat or dog. But it sticks out in your vintage style home décor like, well, like plastic and blech.

I honestly never thought of integrating vintage style into my pet’s care until we moved to our 1970’s mobile home. I could no longer hide the cat food bowl and bag of food. It was there. For everyone to see. For ME to see. And I did not like what I saw.

One morning at a flea market, I had an “ah-ha” moment of using vintage (or vintage style) containers for pet food bowls and pet food storage containers. I snagged a couple small crocks and marched triumphantly home to bring a little vintage style to my cats’ lives.

What Criteria Does this List of Vintage Pet Supplies Meet?

  • Vintage Style – It’s hard to recommend something that is one of a kind and that will sell out of stock any moment. Besides, newer items are cheaper than vintage, so you don’t have to worry about breaking an expensive piece.
  • Various Sizes – I tried to find different sizes vintage style pet bowls and storage containers. Whether you have cats, a small dog or a big ol’ Brutus of a dog, there will be options for you.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Options – Not every suggestion is suited for outdoor use, and vice versa. I kept in mind that some pets will need outdoor bowls and storage while some need indoor. In this list, you will find different options for your needs.
  • Not Necessarily an Airtight Seal – Not all the pet food storage containers I suggest have airtight seals or snap on lids. They are all suited for storing pet food in that they are lined with plastic or metal and have lids. Again, based on indoor or outdoor use and also your animal (whether they try to get into the container), you will need to choose a pet food container for your situation.
  • Easy Cleaning – Water dishes, a treat jar, the best dog food storage containers, ANYTHING related to pets obviously needs to be cleaned. All of the items I chose for your pet’s food have easy-open lids and are easy to clean.

Cat or Small Dog Food Bowls

Whether you love the clean lines of Mid Century Modern, the weathered exterior of Rustic or the charming classic of Farmhouse style, here are lots of right size options for your cat or dog food bowls. No longer an eyesore, the end result of these pet food containers will add to the vintage style of your home and make you smile every time you feed your fluffy fur-ball.

Stoneware Crock Bowl

Mid Century Bowl with Stand

Boho Ceramic Food and Water Bowl

Rustic Bark Pet Bowl


Black and White Enamel Bowl

Farmhouse Ceramic Bowl

Mid Century Pair of Bowls with Stand

Terra Cotta Style Pet Bowl

Barnyard Rubber Bowl


Medium and Large Dog Bowls

Whether you keep your large dog indoors or out, these sturdy, large bowls will stand up to some big teeth. My favorite is the classic farm black rubber livestock food and water bowl. These are a great option and nearly indestructible and come in various sizes. I have fond memories of cats, cattle, dogs and cats all using these on my childhood farm.

Mid Century Large Bowl with Stand

Large Stoneware Crock

Enamel Bowl in Various Sizes for Small and Large Pets

Colorful Enamel Pan

Large Farm Rubber Bowl

Large Black and White Enamel Bowl

Pet Treat Containers

These usually sit on a kitchen or laundry countertop or even on your kitchen island and need to have ultra-vintage style to fit in with your décor. With these great vintage style pet treat containers, your guests will never know that they hide Fido’s food.

Mid Century Canister (set of 3)

Vintage Advertising Canister

Stoneware Crock with Cork Lid

Navajo Design Canister

Galvanized Metal Canister

Boho Crock

Small Pet Food Storage Containers

These pet food storage container options are great for small dogs or cats. The best part is that food for your furry friend is easily accessible at dinner time since you don’t have to hide it away in the closet!

Basket with Plastic Insert

Retro Can with Step Lid

5 Gallon Crock (lid purchased separately, see below)

Wooden Crock Lid

Galvanized Bucket with Lid

Large Pet Food Storage Containers

Whether in the corner of your laundry room or in your garage, these large containers will hold a whole bunch of pet food. Choose a cabinet with tilt out storage for your laundry room to serve double duty as a laundry folding counter. Or get a large galvanized trash bin for outside to create an authentic farmyard vibe. These are the best dog food containers for storing a large amount of food.

Galvanized Barrels with Wooden Lids (set of 2)

Farmhouse Tilt Out Cabinet

Red Tilt Out Cabinet

Amish Wooden Bin

Bonus: Vintage Style Cat Littler Boxes

Yes, this is a pet supply best hidden out of sight, but sometimes, that just isn’t possible. It may be in a corner of your apartment (or mobile home in our case) or in your bathroom or laundry room. If that is the case, you can also add vintage style to this, ummm, less that beautiful pet item.

Cat Litter Planter

Mid Century Cat Litter Cabinet

Rustic Cat Litter Cabinet

Vintage loving dog owners and cat lovers can now rejoice in finding this list of vintage style pet food bowls and storage containers (and litter boxes!). Now pet parents don’t have to ignore your home decor style when it comes to caring for your pet.

Comment below and tell me what kind of animal your pet best friend is and what vintage style you enjoy best!

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