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little boy playing with authentic vintage typewriter while sitting at wooden desk

Vintage Farmhouse Decor That’s Kid Proof

What is the allure of farmhouses and farmhouse decorating? I believe a big part of why people love it so much is the call of a simpler time and lifestyle. We look back at our ancestor’s deep connection to the earth, to hard work, to the production of their basic needs and want a piece of that in our lives. Today, I’m sharing authentic vintage farmhouse decor that’s kid proof. Because not only do we want the authentic homes of days gone by, but we also want a house that’s comfortable for our family to live in.

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little girl standing in front of blue floral wallpapered farmhouse bedroom wall with window

Antique Farmhouse Wallpaper Found During Renovation

Have you ever wondered what authentic farmhouse decorating is? I mean, what did the farmhouses really look like throughout the years? Today, I am sharing with you 120 years of our farmhouse’s history of wallpaper. Keep reading to discover all our antique farmhouse wallpaper found during renovation.

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mid century modern mobile home kitchen with vintage styled refrigerator and open shelving

Mobile Home Mid Century Style Kitchen Makeover Before and After

You might look at inspiring Pinterest boards at all the beautiful Mid Century Modern or Farmhouse kitchen remodels and sigh. Because you live in a mobile home, apartment or some other home that just isn’t cut out for design inspiration. Or is it? Today I’m sharing with you our mobile home Mid Century style kitchen makeover before and after that just might change your mind about the possibilities of your type of kitchen.

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little girl playing outside amongst clothing items drying on clothes line

Step By Step Clothesline Tutorial [with mommy’s helper clothesline]

Why read a blog post clothesline tutorial? The differences between this DIY clothesline and other tutorials is that I walk you through customizable options for your situation, each step has real-life photos and videos plus a bonus retractable kid’s clothesline attached so your kids can join you in real life! Follow me as I walk through this easy and in depth tutorial for a step by step clothesline tutorial with a bonus mommy’s helper clothesline.

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sealing brown shipping box with box tape dispenser

How To Package and Ship Small Vintage Items

You need to ship a vintage item and have no idea how. You may want to sell vintage pieces online or simply ship a vintage gift for a friend’s birthday. I will show you in detail how to package and ship small vintage items as well as give you the best sources for my shipping supplies.

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