75 Best Authentic Vintage Farmhouse Decor at Garage Sales

Do you love the authentic vintage farmhouse look but wonder where to get all the fabulous finds for a great price? Shopping vintage farmhouse decorations at antique malls can get pricey, and thrift stores don’t seem to have a good selection of vintage farmhouse decorations. I will show you 75 best authentic vintage farmhouse decor at garage sales that will get you the look you want at the price you can afford.

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Do I Find Farmhouse Décor At Garage Sales?

You may wonder if I actually find the items that I’m suggesting at garage sales. Yes! All the time. Some sales may ask way too much money for their items; and I just move on in that case. (And everybody’s definition of “too much money” varies.)

Also, I include estate sales in the category of “garage sales.” Estate sales are a great place to look for authentic farmhouse home decor. Older people have either used the items you’re looking for, or they have collected them for decades because they love the look as well. 

What If I Don’t Have Time to Garage Sale for Farmhouse Décor?

I get it, life is busy and not everyone has the time to peruse garage sales or estate sales for the perfect piece. You’re not out of luck though! You can search for these items on your time on Facebook Marketplace or on the weekends at a flea market. I have also included links for each item to Etsy listings for vintage farmhouse décor. While you’ll pay more on Etsy, you can choose this if time is more of an issue than money.

If you’re interested in shopping Etsy for authentic vintage farmhouse décor, check out my vintage Etsy store, Our Vintage Bungalow!  All the photos you see here are items I have sold or are currently selling.

I have also included some links to new decor on Amazon that are great to use in your vintage farmhouse décor. I love using authentic looking vintage reproductions sometimes because the originals (think items like water pitchers) sometimes are too valuable to use or because the real thing was sometimes made with toxic materials that you wouldn’t want to put food in.

75 Best Authentic Vintage Farmhouse Décor at Garage Sales

Farmhouse Kitchen

From lemonade pitchers to fruit baskets, the kitchen is one of my favorite places to add authentic vintage charm. Known as the heart of the home, it certainly was the most used room in an old farmhouse. Most of the vintage farmhouse look in your kitchen will come from utilitarian items that add decorative value. And often these utilitarian pieces have the best deals at yard sales because they’re common and not a collector’s item. You can also add a few key pieces that are simply there for the beauty such as a piece of art and plants to soften the edges.

1. Ironstone White Pitchers 

2. Hand Towels 

3. Embroidered Dish Towels/Tea Towels 

4. Crocheted Dish Clothes 

5. Utensil Crock 

6. Stoneware Bowl 

7. Glass Canisters 

8. Enamel Bowls and Buckets 

9. Baskets

10. Kitchen Scale 

11. Wire Egg Basket 

12. Cast Iron String Holder 

13. Bread Box  

14. Pig Wood Cutting Board (reproduction for food safety) 

15. Recipe Box with Handwritten Recipes 

16. Rag Rug 

17. Copper Tea Kettle 

18. Folding Wood Step Stool 

19. Tall Square Wood Stool 

20. Hoosier Style Cabinet or “China” Cabinet 

21. Drop Leaf Kitchen Table 

Farmhouse Living Room

Modern times call for a more relaxed living room than the traditional old farmhouse design. Back in the day, there was a formal sitting or living room that was just used for company. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a great deal of authentic farmhouse beauty to your living area. For items that see heavy everyday use, choose reproduction items or sturdy items that have stood the test of time. Dings, scratches and natural wear on vintage furniture are a plus because they add authenticity, AND because it will make you worry less about ruining vintage pieces.

22. Brass Candlesticks 

23. Kerosene Lamps 

24. Authentic Signs 

25. Milk Glass Flower Vases 

26. Large Storage Cabinet 

27. End Tables or Side Tables 

28. Book Crate 

29. Wall Clock 

30. Stained Wood Wall Shelf 

31. Artwork (Original or Reproduction) 

32. Old Telephone 

33. Nail Keg Stool  

34. Fireplace Mantel Surround 

35. Fireplace Screen 

Farmhouse Entryway

The entryway is the first impression of your home, so don’t overlook it as an easy way to add authentic farmhouse style. Choose a sturdy bench, a cute basket or cabinet for storage and a wall peg rack for those coats! Adding an authentic large crock as umbrella storage is a great way to complete the charming yet utilitarian entryway. Search for large crocks at estate sales for the best results and good deals.

36. Tabletop Storage Cabinet 

37. Large Salt Glaze Crock 

38. Straw Hat 

39. Straw Market Basket 

40. Shaker Wall Peg Rack 

41. Bench 

42. Cubby Storage Cabinet 

43. Church Pew 


Farmhouse Bedroom

Cozy, relaxing, comforting…these are all things you want in your bedroom or guest room. Add a vintage quilt at the end of your bed (and it’s ok if it has some tears since this will lessen your fears of ruining an antique quilt). Lace curtains blowing in the breeze are a classic farmhouse staple and lend a welcoming space. And garage sales are full of antique dressers that you can stain or add a little paint for beautiful farmhouse appeal.

44. Quilts 

45. Old Books          

46. Cross Stitch Wall Art 

47. Old Ladder as Blanket Rack 

48. Lace Curtains 

49. Blanket Basket 

50. Dresser 

51. Iron Bed 

52. Wood Frames 

53. Hand Knotted Wool Rug 

54. Wood Table Nightstand 

55. Rocking Chair 

56. Trunk Storage 

Farmhouse Dining Room

The dining room is your chance to show off your unique pieces and more valuable garage sale finds, if you want! Or you can keep it real and comfortable by collecting mismatched farmhouse style dishes, however you want to roll. Simple white tablecloths are abundant at garage sales and are a simple yet beautiful way to add farmhouse flair. And you can Clorox them when stains appear.

57. Cream and Sugar Set 

58. Transferware Serving Platters

59. Tablecloths 

60. Bentwood Dining Chair 

61. Farmhouse Table 

62. Baker’s Rack 

63. Kerosene Lamp Wall Holder (also can be plant holder) 

Farmhouse Bathroom and Laundry

Not usually the place you think of when decorating, the bathroom and laundry room can be great places to add utilitarian farmhouse style. Instead of using a plastic laundry basket, grab a large, sturdy woven basket at a garage sale (they are usually plentiful). And simple touches like a vintage bowl to hold your jewelry or an old time wood mirror will be a great addition.

64. Wood Wall Mirror 

65. Ironstone Bowl for Jewelry Tray 

66. Woven Laundry Basket 

67. Wire Laundry Hamper Basket 

Farmhouse Outdoor and Garden

Any farm worth its salt had numerous galvanized buckets. Use them as planters on your front porch or to actually water your animals on your homestead. A rusty iron boot scraper, terracotta pots with red geraniums and a porch swing or wicker love seat are great pieces that will add SO MUCH farmhouse charm.

68. Terracotta Plant Pots 

69. Plant Mister 

70. Watering Can

71. Galvanized Metal Bucket

72. Boot Mud Scraper 

73. Orchard Bushel Basket  

74. Milk or Cream Can 

75. Plant Stand Shelf

76. Wood Porch Swing 

77. Wicker Love Seat and Chair Set

Definition of Authentic Vintage Farmhouse Décor

To me, the definition of “authentic vintage farmhouse décor” is something you would have found in a farmhouse from the late 1800’s – 1940’s. It can be a new reproduction as long as the look is pretty darn close to the original. Obviously, it can also be an authentic vintage or antique item from this era. The items could originally been used as decoration (like artwork or candlesticks) or utilitarian (like baskets and quilts).

Authentic vintage farmhouse is different from modern farmhouse style.  You will find modern farmhouse decor in a big box store like Hobby Lobby. (I want to assure you, if you like modern farmhouse décor from the store, I am not mad at you or think less of your modern style. I have used it myself. That is just not what I search for in the authentic farmhouse style.) So, no signs that say “Farmhouse” or 90% of what the store sells just because it looks too “new” while trying to be “old.”

Era of Authentic Vintage Farmhouse Décor

Why do I choose the late 1800’s – 1940 as my era of authentic vintage farmhouse décor? This is my own loose parameters and not set in stone. Go back any further in the 1800’s or even 1700’s and you’re talking pretty pricey antiques. (Not the kind of items I want to have around kids.) And the 1700’s is considered more “Colonial” style, not your typical “Farmhouse” style. Newer than the 1940’s certainly had farmhouse “style,” but it gets more influenced by the Mid Century décor. Our farmhouse was renovated in the 1970’s will paneling and hollow core doors…not my idea of a true farmhouse look.

The 1940’s farmhouse had the vintage l white kitchen stove look, gingham and kitchen cabinets full of home canned preserves. While different from the early 1900’s, this still is a style I love for old farmhouses.

I trust this list of 75 best authentic vintage farmhouse décor at garage sales will get you started on creating a home or new space that you love. Remember, this will be a collection you gather over time. The benefit (and downside) of shopping garage sales and creating authentic farmhouse style is that it takes time and patience. No, you can’t run to the store to decorate your entire home in one week. But that’s the farmhouse beauty…the art of living slowly and discovering what you love.

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