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woman holding an opened leather wallet containing cash

How to Accept Payment At Your Garage Sale

“How do I accept payment at my garage sale?” you might be asking. You have a well-organized sale, but the whole point to get paid. Are you ready? Here’s all you need to know on how to accept payment at your garage sale for a successful sale.

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a comparison of garage sale items versus estate sale items

15 Differences of Garage Sale vs Estate Sales

You want to get rid of your unwanted items. Or maybe you’ve become a believer in second hand shopping. But in either case, the question remains: what exactly is an estate sale? Is it just a fancy garage sale? Yes. And No. I will tell you 15 differences of garage sale vs estate sales.

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Hey, I’m Tammy, and I’ve lived most of my life in the middle of a reno project.

I am going to give you quick and easy tips of how to decorate & add vintage style that makes a your house feel like a cozy home. I’ll also share the vintage lifestyle (with some modern updates) that I was raised with and continue with my own family.

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