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mother and young children stand in the midst of a home addition during its construction

30 Easy and Budget Friendly DIY Renovation Ideas for Busy Moms

Your head is full of all of the remodeling ideas to make your house a home. You’re a fairly confident and competent DIYer. But It seems like you never have the time for anything much less a remodeling project! As a mom who has undertaken three house remodels during all my three kids’ existence, I’ll agree that it’s not easy. ( And I couldn’t do what we’ve done without a majority of the work being done by my husband, I’ll admit that.) But if you consistently take little chunks of work at a time, you can update your home. Here are 30 easy and budget friendly DIY renovation ideas for busy moms.

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texas highway sign with multiple texas cities listed

(2024) Complete List of Texas City Wide Garage Sales

Are you a Texan who loves garage sale shopping and wants to know when all the community wide garage sales are in your state? Then look no further! I have gone through city by city to compile this 2024 garage sale event calendar page so you can know when the biggest yard sales are near you. Or maybe you’re up for a girls’ weekend of second hand shopping during a highway yard sale event that has lots of community sales at one time! Here is the (2024) complete list of Texas city wide garage sales.

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image of free garage sale checklist download

Ultimate Free Garage Sale Checklist and Successful Tips

Having a successful garage sale is a ton of work and can be overwhelming if you don’t plan ahead. But with a little thought, you can (mostly) skip the overwhelm. I regularly make $1,500 at our annual garage sale from outgrown kids clothing and toys, home décor, vintage items and other miscellaneous stuff. Based on 10+ years of experience of killer yard sales, here is my ultimate free garage sale checklist and successful tips so you can say all that effort…was worth it.

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bathroom vanity during removal from renovated home

40 Best Salvaged Materials and How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

During a home renovation, you often tear out bathroom vanities, doors and windows, sinks and even items like trim and wood. These items fill up a dumpster rental extremely quickly, costing you money to dispose of, filling landfills and not making you money by easily selling. During our old farmhouse renovation, we have literally torn everything out but the studs and floor joists. We have made thousands of dollars by simply listing and selling literal trash on Facebook Marketplace. ( One man’s trash…ya’ know.) People are always looking for ways to save money on expensive building supplies so they sell very well. Here are the 40 best salvaged materials and how to sell on Facebook Marketplace successfully.

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Our Vintage Bungalow

Howdy! I’m Tammy, and I’ve lived most of my life stretching a low decorating budget through garage sales and DIY renovation.

I am going to give you quick and easy tips on the beauty of reusing older items instead of spending tons of money on new. I’ll show you how I add vintage style that makes a your house feel like a cozy home (even with young kids, a practical husband and a big dog in tow). 

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