How Much Does A 10 x 10 Kitchen Remodel Cost?

So far we have remodeled two kitchens, one in our 1900 bungalow and one in our 1970s mobile home. I am going to give you real numbers and resource list to answer your number one question, how much does a 10 x 10 kitchen remodel cost?

Before Our DIY Kitchen Remodels Were Started

A little back story on both of our older homes small kitchen remodels before we get into the total cost of each category. 

Our bungalow kitchen was dirty, mustard yellow, had 7 layers of flooring and no door on most cabinets juuuuust to name a few problems. (Read the full story of our bungalow kitchen renovation HERE.) It was our first home, and we were excited to make it beautiful. This first diy kitchen renovation was a complete overhaul. The size of the kitchen was 10 x 12. The bungalow kitchen renovation was completed in 2015, so you need to take into account the inflation rate for material costs.

Our Mid Century mobile home (lovingly name Bertha) is where we’re living now. We decided last fall to move into the single wide mobile home on our new property while renovating our farmhouse (which will be our third remodel when all said and done). To say the mobile home kitchen was dirty is an understatement of the year. It had not been updated (except the flooring) since the 1970s, had mouse poop ev-ry-where, holes and water damage in the cabinets and so much more. (See more of the mobile home kitchen remodel HERE.) But since this tiny house is a temporary home for us, we needed to do a very low budget kitchen remodeling job. The goal was to make the mobile home kitchen clean and pretty while keeping everything in the kitchen as it was. We have a 10 x 10-foot kitchen floor plan. The mobile home kitchen renovation was completed in the fall of 2021.

Definition of DIY for Our Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen renovation costs has various factors like the size of the space, whether you hire an interior designer or if you want high-end appliances. When I say “DIY,” I mean DIY. We do our kitchen remodels significantly lower price than traditional kitchen remodels because we save a lot of money on the labor costs and find second hand or low cost replacements. I will list out details below, but know that we did not go out and buy top of the line items, kitchen appliances or hire a lot of help. 

We did have family help out at times, which is a huge time (and money) saver. In the bungalow kitchen remodel, we did have custom cabinets made (but I painted them myself). And my dad does electrical work, so that also saved us money in both kitchen renovations.

What We Replaced in our 10 x 10 DIY Kitchen Remodels.

In the bungalow kitchen remodel, we replaced everything but the floor. Like a gift from above, the original wood floor was hiding beneath 7 layers of linoleum, laminate flooring and plywood. But other than the gift of the original wood floor, we tore out lath and plaster walls, old appliances, the sink, cabinets, ev-ry-thing. 

In the single wide mobile home kitchen remodel, we used the original cabinets, walls, countertops, sink and flooring, so nothing structural was replaced. The goal was to cheaply and easily renovate the mobile home kitchen as a temporary living solution. The kitchen cabinets were straight from the 1970s as was the dark paneled walls, but the flooring had been replaced with cheap but livable vinyl. This was a kitchen makeover, not a gut everything job.

Now, on to the real numbers and resource list for how much does a 10 x 10 kitchen remodel cost.

Actual Cost of Walls, New Window, Paint and Backsplash

For the bungalow kitchen, I wanted a fresh, farmhouse style kitchen. We went with classic white subway tile, butcher block countertops, a farmhouse sink and very light green walls. We replaced the small window with a larger one to bring more light into the dark space.

For the mobile home kitchen renovation, we had plenty of bright windows, so that allowed me to go with a darker finish. I went with a Mid Century Modern Farmhouse style with black lower cabinets, white upper cabinets and dark green subway tile. The subway tile in this kitchen was actually sticky tile and not ceramic. Read more about my Pros and Cons of Sticky Tile Backsplash here! We did not replace the windows.

Bungalow Kitchen in 2015

  • Sheetrock = $124
  • Insulation = $30
  • Bead Board Wood for Ceiling (found at Lowes) = $70
  • Paint = $103
  • Ceramic tile and tiling supplies (from Lowes HERE) = $138
  • Custom Window (Pella from Lowes) = $301

Total = $766

Mobile Home Kitchen in 2021

Total = $328

Cost of Lighting Fixtures, Electrical and Plumbing

For the bungalow kitchen, I chose a charming French Farmhouse style chandelier for the middle of the room. Above the stove were two aged copper outdoor sconces I found at a garage sale; and above the farm sink were two outdoor lights that I painted copper color and added green paint to mimic the look of the aged copper.

For the mobile home kitchen, I added a black chandelier that gave a Modern Farmhouse style. In the corner, we replaced the light fixture with a more Mid Century black and glass light fixture. Both fixtures fit together because of the similar color. We also have flurescent lights above the sink and one counter. These are not my ideal, but they were already built in and added needed light.

Bungalow Kitchen in 2015

  • Light Fixtures above sink (from Lowes) = $65
  • Main Chandelier (from Lighting Direct HERE) = $180
  • Light Fixtures above stove (garage sale) = $10
  • Electrical Supplies = $50
  • Plumbing Supplies = $72

Total = $377

Mobile Home Kitchen in 2021

Total = $168

Actual Cost of Cabinets for 10 x 10 Kitchen Remodel

I am all about utilizing all the space on a wall for upper kitchen cabinets. Leaving a space above kitchen cabinets makes no sense to me when I can use it for storage. Since we redesigned the layout of the bungalow kitchen, we had custom upper wood cabinets built for us. But to save money, I painted them myself. We purchased the lower cabinets from IKEA.

The mobile home kitchen cabinets were in sorry shape, and I mean SORRY. They were pressed wood cabinets from the 1970s that had decades of water damage, mouse droppings and holes in the side and bottoms. Someone had tried to make them better by painting a trim of white around the edge, which made it worse because of the peeling paint. Alas, replacing Bertha’s kitchen cabinets was definitely NOT in the budget or time frame we had, so we painted them. Caleb did replace some of the bottoms that were rotten. But the rest of the ickiness and ugliness was covered with fresh paint. I can honestly say that I feel good about putting my dishes in these cabinets as everything was cleaned and the coat of paint creates a fresh new layer.

Bungalow Kitchen in 2015

  • Custom Made Upper New Cabinets = $973
  • Paint for Upper Cabinets = $217
  • Hardware to Mount Cabinets = $59
  • IKEA Lower New Cabinets (I didn’t keep records, so 2021 prices on website) = $1500
  • Door Hardware (found on Amazon HERE, painted bronze) = $55
  • Drawer Hardware (found at Lowes HERE) = $65

Total = $2,869

Mobile Home Kitchen in 2021

  • Paint for Upper and Lower Cabinets = $150
  • Replacement of some damaged cabinet bottoms = $20
  • Replacement Drawer Slides (found on Amazon HERE) = $50
  • Cabinet Door Handles and Drawer Pulls and Hinges (found on Amazon HERE) = $144

Total = $364

Cost of Countertops and Kitchen Sink

New countertops can be super expensive. Since the bungalow kitchen was in our first home, I was not comfortable with spending a ton on my dream counters. We decided to buy butcher block countertops from IKEA. I will write a whole separate post on our experience with these, but they worked well for us. I finished them with food safe tung oil. We also found an awesome new sink at IKEA.

The mobile home countertops were the same story as the cabinets…original, dirty and ugly faded yellow. Again, we couldn’t replace the counters with our small remodeling budget, so I researched painting them. More details on that process in another post, but I am very pleased with the result.

Bungalow Kitchen in 2015

Total = $820

Mobile Home Kitchen in 2021

  • Enamel Paint for Countertops (found on Amazon HERE) = $41
  • Sink not replaced (though I would LOVE to!) = $0

Total = $41

Actual Cost of Kitchen Flooring

As I said earlier, we found the original hardwood flooring in the bungalow kitchen. It was just a matter of spending time ripping up SEVEN LAYERS of other flooring, scraping the wood planks from linoleum backing and finishing the wood with the same tung oil we used for the countertops.

While I’m not in love with the vinyl flooring in the mobile home kitchen, it is fairly good condition. It just needed a good scrubbing. I put a braided rug under the kitchen table just to break up the tan color a little and create more of a homey kitchen feel.

Bungalow Kitchen in 2017

Total = $0

Mobile Home Kitchen in 2021

  • Flooring Not replaced.  Braided rug I already had added.  (Find at Rugs USA HERE) = $0
  • New Air Vent Covers = $30

Total = $30

Actual Cost of Kitchen Appliances for Remodel

I am an avid second hand shopper, and kitchen appliances are no exception. We found a white dishwasher, microwave and gas stove on Craiglist and garage sales that worked well for us. The one exception that we made was purchasing a new refrigerator because I loved the old look. I found ours at an outlet store that sold new appliances that had a couple dents here and there.

In the mobile home, we just moved our existing appliances over from our old house. We did keep the black dishwasher in the mobile home. I am definitely not in love with it, but it actually works well, and we (again) needed to do this mobile home renovation on a small budget.

Bungalow Kitchen in 2015

  • New GE Artistry Refrigerator from outlet (found HERE) = $647
  • Dishwasher from Craigslist and Parts = $95
  • Microwave from garage sale = $100
  • Stove from Craigslist = $200

Total = $1,042

Mobile Home Kitchen in 2021

  • Parts to convert Gas stove to propane hookup = $60
  • Dishwasher Repair Parts = $13
  • All Appliances Brought Over from Move =  $0

Total = $73

Cost of Open Shelving, Curtain Rods and Curtains for Kitchen Remodel

I am a fan of open kitchen shelving in any style of kitchen. For both kitchens, we just used wood we had and cut it to the right length. I created the style of the farmhouse shelves in the bungalow kitchen and the Mid Century shelves in the mobile home simply by buying different shelf brackets.

Bungalow Kitchen in 2015

  • Shelf wood was used from my dad’s barn = $0
  • Brackets = $50
  • Curtain rods = $10
  • Curtains = $10

Total = $70

Mobile Home Kitchen in 2021

Total = $89

Total Final Cost for Both 10 x 10 Kitchen Remodels

“Everyone says” that kitchen remodels greatly affect the value of your home for potential buyers. While I don’t know how much our bungalow kitchen renovation added to the home’s value, I do know that the entire bungalow house renovation made us significant money when we sold. Obviously, the kitchen was a big part of that added value. So, how much does a 10 x 10 kitchen remodel cost?

Total cost of bungalow kitchen remodel (total renovation) in 2015 = $5,944

Total cost of mobile home kitchen remodel (total makeover) in 2021 = $1,093

Both the farmhouse style bungalow kitchen remodel and the Mid Century Modern mobile home kitchen remodel were complete makeovers but done in a very different ways. The bungalow kitchen was starting over from scratch and rearranging the kitchen layout. The single wide mobile home kitchen was a very low budget kitchen refresh that needed to be done very quickly. 

I hope this overview of our two kitchen renovations answered your question of how much does a 10 x 10 kitchen remodel cost?

Comment below and tell me what your favorite update in your kitchen has been (or what you dream of doing someday)!


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