The Best Farmhouse Summer Décor on Amazon (2023)

Summer time and vintage farmhouse décor seem to go hand in hand.  Warm summer nights on a porch swing or family picnics in the park are part of our American heritage.  I’ve gathered a list of the best farmhouse summer décor on Amazon that has the perfect vintage vibe.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Farmhouse Summer Décor 

  • Ironstone style white pitcher found HERE. This is a classic style of farmhouse pitcher. Use it to serve lemonade at your next vintage summer picnic or fill it with fresh flowers. And when you’re not using it, it’s the perfect piece for your farmhouse kitchen open shelves!
  • Blue ball jar found HERE. This is the one of the most versatile Farmhouse décor item that you can buy. Use these reproduction blue canning jars for cut flower vases, kitchen pantry storage, summer salad or ice tea storage or bathroom storage. I always keep this classic farmhouse close at hand.
  • Linen towel found HERE.  Hardworking and durable yet soft, I ordered these farmhouse linen towels and love them already. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom or even under a centerpiece on your farm table. These linen hand towels are a great addition that will give authentic farmhouse charm to your living space without feeling too much like a reproduction.
  • Enamel Dishpan found HERE. I am in love with vintage farmhouse enamelware and buy usable pieces whenever I find them. This reproduction enamel dish pan fits the bill for authentic farmhouse style AND affordable décor. I use one like this to soak my laundry in. It can also be used to gather vegetables from the garden or as a book “basket” or organizing “basket” on your shelf. Or you can use it as a planter by the front door for some bright summer flowers. This favorite item is amazingly affordable and oh-so-versatile!

Outdoor Farmhouse Summer Décor

  • Red checked tablecloth found HERE. I’m pretty sure every summer picnic needs a red and white checked tablecloth. This one is vinyl and super easy to clean. I bought one last year and have been using it as a fun addition for indoor and outdoor picnics to give a great farmhouse touch.
  • Picnic basket found HERE. If you’re going to have a vintage style picnic, you need a picnic basket. But you can use this farmhouse basket for so much more than food once or twice a year! Store books, kids toys, magazines or what have ya in this basket with a lid. Gather vegetables or flowers…the possibilities for this vintage style picnic basket are endless.
  • Hobnail planter found HERE. White hobnail planters are classic farmhouse décor. You can grab this one to put succulents or a small plant like a geranium in. Add it to your farmhouse centerpiece for a true authentic vintage home decoration.

Living Room and Bedroom Farmhouse Summer Décor 

  • Throw Pillow found HERE. I will admit, I’m not a fan of buying totally new pillows for every season. My simple decorating hack is to buy feather throw pillow and simply get new pillow covers when I need an update. It is much cheaper and a great way to save space rather than storing out of season throw pillows. I also buy throw pillows that are not hit-you-in-the-face seasonal, so they can transition to another season if needed. I love these summertime farmhouse style pillows. They come in a variety of colors too!
  • Throw blanket found HERE.  You’ve put away the heavy quilts and afghans but still need a lightweight farmhouse style throw blanket for your bed or couch. This Amazon throw blanket is light and airy and will fit the bill perfectly.
  • Bottle Vases found HERE. I am always cutting real flowers from my garden (or my mom’s farm flower gardens) for fresh summertime décor on the kitchen table, nightstand, end table or coffee table. These cute vintage style vases are a great idea for adding the perfect summer charm to your living room décor.

Qualifications for My List of Farmhouse Summer Décor from Amazon

Authenticity of Reproduction Vintage Decor

I am pretty picky when it comes to vintage farmhouse home decor. This is a style choice and not a knock on new farmhouse decor. However, I don’t prefer the modern farmhouse style you find at Hobby Lobby. If you buy your farmhouse decor pieces from Hobby Lobby, I’ll still love you AND your beautiful home. But I prefer the authenticity of real vintage home décor that only comes with time. That said, you can supplement your authentic vintage summer décor with some new vintage “style” from places like Amazon. As long as the reproduction vintage décor looks vintage and is a small percentage of your farmhouse home décor, it will blend right in. 

Cost of Amazon Farmhouse Decor

I buy most of my vintage farmhouse decor finds from garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores. A few pieces are investments (aka expensive), but most of my vintage home décor is purchased on a budget. If I buy a new vintage “style” piece on Amazon Prime, it needs to be a great deal and pretty inexpensive.

Seasonality of Farmhouse Summer Decor

Yes, this post is all about farmhouse summer décor from Amazon, but I’m not a person who wants to store unused seasonal décor in tubs. I do not have much time to completely decorate my home every 3 – 4 months. The vintage summer décor items I’ve gathered here are perfect for summer…or any other season depending on how you use them in your home.

There you have it. My favorite items for farmhouse summer décor from Amazon to supplement your authentic vintage home décor. Comment below to tell me your favorite vintage summer décor that you just couldn’t live without!

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Pin this list of the best farmhouse summer decor on Amazon for later!

  1. Ironstone Style Pitcher
  2. Blue Ball Canning Jar
  3. Striped Linen Hand Towel
  4. Black and White Enamel Dish Pan
  5. Red and White Checked Tablecloth
  6. Wicker Picnic Basket with Lid and Handles
  7. Hobnail Planter
  8. Pompom Trim Throw Pillow
  9. Light Weight Throw Blanket
  10. Glass Bottle Vase Set

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5 Responses

  1. Great finds! I’m like you- I love the look and feel of authentic vintage pieces, but I’m not crazy about obvious knockoffs or over the top cheese. Your suggestions are elegant and simple- exactly what I’d expect to find in a REAL farmhouse!

  2. I love that all of these pieces can transition to fall and winter. Timeless and classic picks thank you for putting this together!

  3. I agree about preferring real vintage items, and when selecting non-vintage items to mix in, I also like choosing items that can work across seasons. These are beautiful options! Thanks for sharing!

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