Top Five Easy House Plants for Busy Moms

Plants. Do you love them? Do you hate them?  Or, do they hate YOU? What if I told you there are easy house plants for your busy mom life?

Most rooms look better with house plants.  It’s that simple.  They can soften edges, fill in gaps, add color.  But, let’s be honest, most busy moms don’t take the time for plants.  And some people just have a brown thumb and can’t keep plants alive EVER.

I am going to share what plants I have (or have had) in my home that are simple upkeep.  While I may not have a “brown” thumb, I certainly give plants a run for they’re money.  (You mean plants need regular water?! Who knew. They don’t like dark corners?  Well, what if I WANT a plant in that corner?)

Here are 5 simple house plants for your busy lifestyle that will love you rather than leave you.

  1. Cactus Plant

Yes. It’s true. I love cactus.  Some people may not.  If you don’t, then move on to #2.  But they stay alive with little water.  (And kids and pets learn REAL QUICK to leave them alone.)  Overall win.  And there are many different varieties, so you don’t have to be stuck with the traditional “cactus.”

  1. Pothos (or Philodendron) Plant

Honestly, this plant speaks to you.  If it’s thirsty, it will wilt in the most pitiful way. But give it a drink, and it will perk right up!  It’s seriously one of the easiest plants, and I love how it trails like ivy (without being persnickety like ivy).

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ok, so not an extremely easy plant, but I can be HARD on plants, and, for some reason, this one likes me.  I bought it 2 years ago at Aldi.  It was about 12 inches tall, and now it’s over 3 feet.  It likes sunlight but not direct. It likes water but not soaking wet. Let it dry out between waterings.  If it turns brown or drops leaves, try another spot.  If you find one of these cheap, give it a try…maybe it will like you too!

  1. Dragon Tree

My cats attacked this and shredded the leaves. Then it fell off the porch, and I forgot it for weeks (aka no water in the middle of summer.) And, yet, it kept on ticking.  The leaves will turn brown and shed at the bottom, but all ya’ gotta do is take off the dead, and the top will keep growing.  My kind of plant!

  1. Aaaaand then there’s Faux Plant

I still consider this as an option.  Now there’s good faux and bad faux.  Generally speaking, if you have to touch it to see if it’s real, then it’s good faux.  I wouldn’t put fake plants all over the house, but here and there is definitely do-able.

And that’s it for my top five house plants for busy moms.  Try one or try them all!  And let me know in the comments which one is YOUR favorite!



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