40 DIY Vintage Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Do you love the simple sweetness of Valentine’s Day but not all the commercialism it brings? Here are 40 DIY vintage Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas that will give you a moment to add an old timey touch of romance around your home with no or very little cost.

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Why Should You Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Décor

I want to share the simple, vintage lifestyle message at Our Vintage Bungalow. No, I’m not at all opposed to shopping in “real” stores, but all too often that’s our first option. Creating one (or several) of these DIY vintage Valentine’s Day decoration ideas is a great way to

  • Foster creativity
  • Make special crafting memories that involve your whole family
  • Attain simplicity in life
  • Not have to store in tubs tons of off-season decorations
  • Give you the satisfaction of making something unique
  • Save money
  • Teaches our kids not to buy stuff, stuff and more stuff
  • Creates peace in your heart by not running everywhere for the newest trend
  • Still have a beautiful and “new” Valentine’s Day decorations
  • Learn and teach your kids creativity and crafting skills
  • Experiment without the worry of wasting money

Where To Get Supplies for These Old Fashioned Valentine Craft Ideas

I’ll be honest, many of these ideas require craft supplies. You can choose to purchase the supplies at a retail store. But before you jump into the car or on your phone to buy all you need, STOP. Think about what you already have or maybe something you can source from nature. Be intentional about your choice and enjoy the calmness that intentionality brings.

  • Do you already have those craft supplies tucked in a closet or basement?
  • Can you choose a Valentine’s Day idea with items you can find in the woods or a friend’s yard?
  • Can you find supplies at an estate sale, garage sale or thrift store?
  • I hope this list sparks your creativity and brings the joy of simplicity to your home or Valentine’s Day party this year.

Supplies Needed for DIY Vintage Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Below is a general list of supplies you will need for your home’s simple romantic look. (Don’t forget to shop your home first. Then go to thrift stores, Dollar Tree and antique malls. Then Amazon or Hobby Lobby last. The goal is simplicity and sustainability!)

Other than the above, a unique supply list will be included for each of the DIY vintage Valentine’s Day decoration ideas.

1.      DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath with Wood Slices

Photo Courtesy of Lydi Out Loud


2.     Simple DIY Twig Heart Decorations

Photo Courtesy of Big Living Little Footprint


3.     DIY Cupid Arrows and Quiver

Photo Courtesy of Serendipity Refined


4.     Shop Your Home for Red, Pink and White Vignettes

In my opinion, the perfect way to decorate my home for holidays and seasons is to simply “shop my home” (or the thrift store) for everyday or decorative items in your favorite colors. Once gathered and arranged, red books, a red and white cup and white vases with pink flowers can be a beautiful (and cheap) way to add Valentine’s Day décor. The great thing is that you don’t have to store these kinds of decorations the rest of the year.


5.     Lacey Vintage Book Page Table Runner

Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

This is the perfect way to add a touch of affordable vintage class to your dining room table in preparation for your romantic dinner!



  1. Measure your table length.
  2. Using an Exacto knife, cut pages out of the vintage book. Cut as many pages as necessary to run your table length, double page.
  3. Lay out your pages upside down and in a double row on the floor.
  4. Using strips of tape, secure the pages together.
  5. Punch the lace pattern on the edge of your runner.

6.     Valentine DIY Bird Feeder Hearts

Photo Courtesy of Thrift Jinxy


7.     Vintage Valentine Card Banner

Photo Courtesy Sarah Jane Interiors


8.     Grapevine Heart Wreath

Photo Courtesy of Cottage on Bunker Hill


9.     Vintage Typewriter Vignette

If you happen to own a vintage typewriter, for sure get that out for one of your amazing DIY vintage decor ideas! Set it on a side table, desk or shelf, roll in a piece of parchment paper and start typing a love letter…but leave the letter in the typewriter. And don’t forget to add a white vase of pink flowers and some free printable vintage Valentines cards HERE to lay around.


10. Floral Heart Wreath Backdrop

Photo Courtesy of Rock My Wedding


Dry, faux, or wax flowers and greenery

11. Felt Valentines Day Envelope

Photo Courtesy Rebekah L. Smith


12. Vintage White Vases or Pitcher with Pink and White Flowers

This is pretty simple and self-explanatory, but the simple Valentine’s Day decorations are what we do best at Our Vintage Bungalow. “Shop” around your house for vintage white vessels such as vases, pitchers bowls or clear glass bottles. And then simply fill them with flowers, greenery and baby’s breath! I love using eucalyptus as greenery because it’s dried (but can be put in water), lasts so long and can be used in every season.


13. Wood Bead and Pink Tassle Valentine Garland

Photo Courtesy of Palmetto Highway


14. Nail Polish Valentine Hearts

Photo Courtesy of Journey Creavitiy


15. Valentine Initial Tree Carving

Photo Courtesy of Making the World Cuter


16. DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration Embroidered Wall Hanging

Photo Courtesy of Pretty Life Girls


17. DIY Fabric Hearts Sachet

Photo Courtesy of Flamingo Toes


18. 3D Paper Heart Garland


19. DIY Valentine’s Day Mailboxes

Photo Courtesy of Jen Woodhouse


20. Baby and Kid Clothes Puffy Heart Garland

I love decorating with items that personally have meaning. What better fabric to use for a puffy Valentine’s heart garland than some of your kids’ baby clothing? Now, you have to mentally be able to cut these precious clothes up, but if you can, the result will be something you will enjoy more than baby clothes stuffed in a storage tub.

Follow a simple fabric heart garland tutorial HERE and just use clothing/fabric that has special meaning to you.


21. DIY Clay Hearts

Photo Courtesy of Sprouting Wild Ones


22. Peg People (Jenga Block) Family or Couple

Photo Courtesy of Clumsy Crafter


23. Flower Seed Paper

Photo Courtesy of Not Your Average Fox


24. Multicolored Yarn Heart Garland

Photo Courtesy of A Wonderful Thought


25. Painted Valentine Book Bundles

Photo Courtesy of Orphans with Makeup


26. Doily Heart Garland

Photo Courtesy of Ella Claire Inspired


27. Leftover Craft Supply Hearts

Photo Courtesy of Funky Junk Interiors


  • Leftover craft supplies or nature items such as buttons, twine, tree bark, dried flowers
  • Cardboard heart (trace a heart onto cardboard and cut out)
  • Hot glue gun

28. Glitter Heart Book Page Garland

Photo Courtesy of The Kim Sim Fix


29. Red and White Butcher Twine Tied to Key Wrapped around Vintage Glass Bottle Vase

Photo Courtesy of Home Talk


30. “Letters” or “Gifts” with Greenery and Red Sealing Wax

These pretend love letters and gifts would be fabulous to set on a bookshelf or mantel for a simple touch of vintage Valentine’s Day charm. Wrap a box with brown kraft paper or get a kraft paper envelope. Wrap with twine. Stick in some greenery such as eucalyptus or ivy. The use red wax and a seal for a gorgeous finish.


31. Pom Pom and Heart Valentine Garland

Photo Courtesy of Blue Sky at Home


32. Minimalist Valentine DIY Hoop Wreath

Photo Courtesy of A Hundred Affections


33. Yarn Dream Catcher Heart

Photo Courtesy of Tolt Yarn and Wool


34. Salt Dough Hearts

Photo Courtesy of She’s Crafty and She Knows It


35. Needle Felt Heart Garland

Photo Courtesy of My Poppet


36. Braided Heart Garland

Photo Courtesy of A Wonderful Thought


37. Ticking Stripe Fabric Heart Wreath for your Front Door

Photo Courtesy of My Wee Abode


38. DIY Wood Bead Heart

Photo Courtesy of Domestically Blissful


39. Embroidery Rose Art

Photo Courtesy Sew French Embroidery


40.  Pressed Flower Soy Wax Sachet

Photo Courtesy of Jojotastic


Remember, the goal of this list of 40 DIY vintage Valentine’s Day décor ideas is not to immediately go out and buy $30 worth of supplies for holiday décor that you’ll store 12 months out of the year. Shop your home and see what you already have. Go to your local thrift store, they almost always have craft supplies and Valentine’s Day items after Christmas. At the very least, you can find some red, pink and white non-Valentine’s Day items that would look great grouped together. And, yes, then purchase the supplies that you need to finish your chosen Valentine craft.

May you have a wonderfully simple Valentine season where you remember to take a little bit of time to enjoy the simple things, love the people around you and take a moment to create.

Happy crafting and vintage decorating with these DIY vintage Valentine’s Day decoration ideas!

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