What Outfit Should I Wear at Garage Sales?

Whether you’re holding a garage sale or shopping the world’s longest garage sale, your clothing and accessories make a BIG difference. Here is my tried and true guide on what outfit to wear at garage sales.

What Outfit Should I Wear at Garage Sales?

Dressing comfortably is a good idea while holding a garage sale (aka rummage sales or yard sales) or shopping for great deals at garage sales. But there are also items you might not have thought of that you should always have such as

People have such a wide variance of personal style that it might seem strange to make general suggestions of what outfit I should wear at garage sales. Of course, you can wear absolutely anything to a garage sale. (I’ve been known to stop at a sale while all gussied up on my way to my corporate job or on the way home from a wedding.) But after a lifetime of shopping and selling at garage sales, I have found best practices of what to wear that have been extremely helpful and will make your garage sale experience enjoyable and successful!

What Purse Should I Wear at Garage Sales?

This is possibly the most important outfit question you can ask while preparing for garage sale shopping or selling. You will be busy finding killer deals or selling items to people. The worst thing is wondering where you left your purse or cash pouch. And juggling a coin purse in your hand while carrying loads of garage sale items is just cumbersome and not fun at all.

  • Cross Body Purse – this is my all-time top suggestion for garage sale shopping. You can go from car to shopping without having to remove your purse. It is large enough for all your credit cards, money and regular purse items without being cumbersome. And there is no worry about setting it down while browsing and walking off.
  • Back Pack Purse – I also love this option and many people enjoy wearing a back pack purse. It will stay with you without having to think about it. A couple down sides I have with this option is that you have to remove it while in the car. And it keeps your cash behind you so when you pay, you will constantly have to swing it around. But if back packs are your thing, it’s a good option.
  • Fanny Pack – Yes, the good ol’ fanny pack is back, so I’ve been told. If you are holding a garage sale by yourself or with minimal help, this is a fantastic option for holding your extra money. You will often be up rearranging or helping a customer and don’t want to leave your money unattended at the pay table. Use a fanny pack and cash organizer so you always have your cash in sight at your successful sale.
  • Market Basket – Taking a large shopping bag/basket to estate sales is a great way to continue to grab the good deals while minimizing the trips to the hold table (and therefore missing out on hot items). I don’t usually take this shopping bag to garage sales because the payment table/hold area is much closer at a garage sale and because sellers are not as familiar with strange ladies stuffing items in their oversized bag. However, most estate sale companies are used to it.

My Personal Favorites:

Leather Cross Body Purse

Back Pack Purse

Fanny Pack

Woven Market Basket

What Money Envelope Organizer Should I Use At Garage Sales?

Don’t forget that cash is king while shopping and selling at garage sales! You MUST, must, must have plenty of small bills. I’m a bit of a hot mess when it comes to carrying (and organizing) cash, so it’s imperative that I have a cash organizer. Something simple will do, but I recommend some of the money envelope systems below to keep your cash easily accessible while remaining stylish.

My personal favorite:

Simple Leather Cash Organizer

What Sunglasses Should I Wear To a Garage Sales?

Pro tip: Choose sunglasses with NO NOSE PIECES. I move my sunglasses to the top of my head, and then down, and then up… But those pesky nose pieces would get stuck in my hair, and I would end up standing there trying to get untangled.

I am a person that HAS to have sunglasses in the bright sun, so my solution are glasses that can easily be moved to the top of my head and back down without getting tangled in my hair. Such a little detail but such an inconvenience when schlepping to one dark garage and bright driveway after another.

My personal favorite:

Vintage Style Sunglasses

What Shoes Should I Wear To a Garage Sale?

You should wear shoes that you would wear while traveling in an airport or a long road trip. They can be cute, but choose comfort over cute every time because at the end of the day, your dogs will be barkin’.

My personal favorites:

Adidas Tennis Shoes

Dr Scholl’s Ankle Boot

Hiking Sandals

Loafer Sneakers

Sperry Ankle Rain Boots

Now, what shoes NOT to wear while shopping or holding a garage sale (unless you’re just stopping by on your way somewhere else, of course).

  • No heels of any sort
  • No flip flops or backless sandals
  • No tall boots covering your calf (these get hot and restrictive after a couple hours, even in cooler weather)

What Under Clothing Should I Wear at Garage Sales?

Ok, yes, I’m getting up close and personal. But good underwear and bras are key to comfort. You know I’m right. Wear things that won’t creep, poke, squeeze or otherwise make you uncomfortable. This isn’t a fashion show…leave the Spanx at home. And there aren’t many places to privately readjust while you’re surround by fellow garage salers. You’ll be up and down and all around. Make sure you’re underwear isn’t.

My personal favorites:

Cotton Women’s Bikini Underwear

Comfortable Wireless Bras

What Pants Should I Wear at Garage Sales?

Garage sale shoppers can choose yoga or sweat pants, comfy jeans, cute shorts or athletic shorts while shopping for a good deal or having a successful garage sale. Again, be mindful of the weather in the first place and remember that it will get hotter throughout the day. Do not choose something super nice or easily snagged as a lot of times you might be carrying all sorts of potentially dirty items (aka the good stuff) around. It is not worth worrying about staining or snagging your clothes!

Pro Tip: Make sure you have something with a back pocket or deep leg pocket for your phone! If you’re holding a garage sale, you will need a place for that sucker all.the.time.

My personal favorites:

Liverpool High Rise Jeans

Jogger Sweatpants

Bermuda Jean Shorts

What Top Should I Wear at Garage Sales?

T shirts, sweaters, sweat shirts or casual shirts are always good choices for shopping local sales. Think about what you would wear for comfortable travel. Like the pants, choose clothing that can get dirty while you carry all types of items to your car. And dress in layers no matter what the season. When you’re out during predawn hours, either shopping or setting up, it is always chilly. But then it can get quite warm later on.

Pro tip: Long shirt and high(er) neck. You don’t have time pulling and holding your shirt while you’re constantly bending, lifting and moving at a sale.

My personal favorites:

Johnny Cash T Shirt

Short Sleeve T Shirt

Long Sleeve T Shirt

Should I Wear a Dress at Garage Sales?

If the weather is hot, I love wearing comfortable sun dresses at garage sales! My thoughts on dresses while garage sale shopping is that it shouldn’t be so short you’re constantly thinking about it…you WILL be doing a lot of bending, kneeling and moving items. And it shouldn’t be so long that it gets in your way. It’s quite bothersome to be tripping over your dress or skirt while dragging dirty old things out of someone’s basement at an estate sale!

My personal favorites:

Casual T Shirt Dress with Tie Waist

Short Sleeve Summer Dress with Pockets

What Hair Style To Wear at Garage Sales?

Of course, people have many, many different hair styles. All I will say is that you need to be mindful of the weather and length of time you will be outside. It may be chilly in the morning while you’re setting up the sale but then warm up to 95 degrees by noon. Make sure you have easy access to a hair tie or ball cap if that is going to make a difference in your comfort level in the middle of August. Also, if it rains, you don’t want soggy hair getting in your way.

My personal favorites:

Plain Baseball Cap

What Outerwear to Wear At Garage Sales?

I live in the Midwest and the weather can literally change from a sunny 95 degrees to a rainy 70 degrees in minutes. But even in summer, the mornings are chilly, so I always throw in a jacket while having a garage sale or early bird shopping garage sales. Oh, and don’t think that if it starts to rain that sales will close. There have been many occasions when I’ve run from garage to garage in the rain. (You often find the best garage sales with the best deals during a rain storm!) Always have a jacket, hoodie, rain coat or heavy coat with you, depending on the time of year.

My personal favorites:

Lightweight Rain Jacket

Drawstring Hoodie

What Miscellaneous Items I Should Bring While Shopping Garage Sales?

I am a firm believer in being prepared to fully maximize my good time and comfort level. Last thing is a list of random items I keep in the car while garage sale shopping or holding a successful yard sale.

  • Umbrella (Again, sales don’t stop just because it’s raining)
  • Finger gloves with pullover mitten covers (Sales can be held when it is pretty chilly. Be warm while still able to handle your cash!)
  • Little or no jewelry (Yes, you can be cute, but save those long necklaces, dangly earrings and bracelets for a time where you’re NOT bending over constantly, pulling tables out to your driveway and carrying junk to your car.)

My personal favorites:

Mini Umbrella with Case

Finger Gloves with Pullover Mittens

So at your next garage sale or Saturday morning shopping for garage sale treasures, put some thought into what outfit should I wear while at garage sales! Small details in your outerwear, sunglasses, outfit and purse choice will give your the best time possible. And if you’re comfortable, then you’re happier. And if you’re happier, you have a better chance to keep on schlepping to those sales to find your next treasure or putting in the hard work selling your awesome items!

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Shop My Personal Favorites for What Outfit Should I Wear At Garage Sales

  1. Vintage Style Sunglasses – no nose pieces
  2. Cross Body Purse
  3. Johnny Cash T Shirt
  4. Jean Bermuda Shorts
  5. Casual T Shirt Dress with Tie Waist
  6. Lightweight Rain Jacket
  7. Finger Gloves
  8. Umbrella
  9. Adidas Tennis Shoes
  10. Backpack Purse
  11. Fanny Pack
  12. Market Basket
  13. Leather Cash Organizer
  14. Dr Scholl’s Ankle Boots
  15. Cute Hiking Sandals
  16. Loafer Sneakers
  17. Sperry Ankle Rain Boots
  18. Cotton Women’s Bikini Underwear
  19. Knix Wireless Bra
  20. Liverpool High Rise Jeans
  21. Jogger Sweat Pants
  22. Short Sleeve T Shirts
  23. Long Sleeve T Shirts
  24. Summer Dress with Pockets
  25. Plain Baseball Cap
  26. Drawstring Hoodie

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