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vintage kitchen appliance with vintage cookware

25 Vintage Style Kitchen Appliances [2022]

Whether you’ve completed the kitchen remodel of your dreams or if you’re still planning for your “someday” kitchen, your modern appliances might not fit your vintage ideas. Here are 25 vintage style kitchen appliances that will complete your retro or antique kitchen.

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boho bedroom with low platform bed layers of blankets neutral walls woven baskets

50 Vintage Boho Living Room Ideas

When you think of Bohemian vibe, you probably envision a wild and free spirits. But when it comes to decorating, Boho can quickly go from enviable free spirit to cat lady cluttered real fast. Here are 50 vintage Boho living room ideas to get you started decorating with a free spirit flair.

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Low Budget DIY Kitchen Remodel Before and After Tour

Our first home was a quaint little bungalow built in 1900, but the mustard yellow walls and cave-like kitchen were not so quaint. After tearing everything out, we built a dream kitchen for our little home. Here is our bungalow kitchen remodel before and after tour.

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Our Vintage Bungalow

Howdy! I’m Tammy, and I’ve lived most of my life stretching a low decorating budget through garage sales and DIY renovation.

I am going to give you quick and easy tips on the beauty of reusing older items instead of spending tons of money on new. I’ll show you how I add vintage style that makes a your house feel like a cozy home (even with young kids, a practical husband and a big dog in tow). 

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