50 Everyday Garage Sale Items to Use as Vintage Patriotic Decor

Summertime and 4th of July. The decorating colors of summer often correspond with patriotic colors…red geraniums, white tablecloths, blue water of the beach or lake. Here are 50 everyday garage sale items to use as vintage patriotic decor that won’t hit you upside the head with patriotic colors and will also tie into summer decorations. These are all cheap and quick to add to your vintage Fourth of July home!

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In an effort to reduce my consumer mentality and also save money on home decor, I’m a fan of shopping my home first for basic items that can be used as vintage holiday decorations. Vintage red books from Christmas time? Mix them with blue books for an automatic patriotic switch-a-roo.

But if you don’t have similar items at home, these everyday garage sale items to use as vintage patriotic décor are easy to find at garage sales, estate sales or thrift stores for a budget friendly decorating refresh. And because it’s summer, garage sales are plentiful!

Items I Found at Four Estate Sales

After writing this blog post, I went out on my normal estate sale shopping and made another one of my antique hauls. There were four sales in the city this particular day. I did not buy or take pictures of everything I found there, but I did pick up some things with a vintage patriotic look. I found the following summer decor items (all together would have been more than enough to decorate your home for the fourth of July!):

  • Little Red Wagon
  • Gold Metal Eagle
  • Ceramic and Metal Revolutionary War Art with Eagle
  • Blue and Red Yarn Star
  • Wood Stars
  • Blue and Red Vintage Books
  • Bi-Centennial City Newspaper from 1976 with Flag Wrapper
  • White Vases
  • Blue Canning Jars
  • Red, White and Blue Wooden Model Boats
  • Gold Brass Picture Frames
  • Red and White Taper Candlesticks
  • Brass Candlestick Holders
  • Red Gerber Daisies (ok, this was an extra stop at Trader Joe’s)

50 Everyday Garage Sale Items to Use as Vintage Patriotic Décor

If you don’t want your patriotic decorating to overwhelm you with rah-rah American flag, choose a white background and base, add quite a few blue decor items and then very, VERY sparingly add a red item (and I mean sparingly). But if you want to go all out red, white and blue in your decorating, then go for it!

All these items (except for the flowers) you can easily find at thrifts stores, garage sales and/or estate sales. However, if you’re short on time and would like to simply shop online, I’ve added links to Etsy or Amazon listings for your convenience.

Vintage Patriotic Porch Decorations

Your front porch is the first glimpse of your home for you and your visitors. Whether you have a tiny 5 x 5 foot square porch or a wrap around farmhouse porch, you can create a stylish patriotic welcome. Don’t forget the front door! I prefer a simple wreath like a twig branch wreath draped with a small American flag scarf.

1. Small White Table

2. Red Geranium Plant

3. Galvanized Plant Pot or Bucket

4. American Flags on Side of House or Pillar Post; Outdoor Flag Buntings

5. Red Plaid Thermos

6. Picnic Basket

7. White Rocking Chair

8. Blue Throw Pillows

9. Red or Blue Croquet Balls

10. Little Red Wagon

11. Twig Wreath draped with a Simple American Flag Scarf

Patriotic Tablescape Ideas

Keep your table centerpiece simple and contained in a long bowl or trough so that if you need to move it, it’s a simple lift and go. Start with fabric that has red, white or blue patterns or a classic red and white checkered tablecloth. Add a long metal or wood bowl or a short wooden crate and then fill with simple vintage items and flowers for a fun patriotic table.

12. White or Light Blue Piece of Fabric

13. Red or Blue Checkered Tablecloth

14. Vintage Coca Cola Crate

15. White Vases

16. Small American Flags

17. Red Fresh Flowers – Gerber Daisies, Poppies

18. Toy Red Truck

Patriotic Bedroom Décor

Few visitors go into your bedrooms but that doesn’t mean that these living spaces should be overlooked. Decorating your home is, after all, to make YOU and your family members comfortable and happy. Even a red flower in a white vase or blue Ball canning jar will give an elegant touch of patriotic flair without overwhelming you with the holiday.

19. Blue and White Quilt

20. Blue Flower Vase

21. Pledge of Allegiance Printable Art

22. Gold Brass Frame

23. FREE Patriotic Music Sheet Printables (see below to get yours!)

24. Blue Ball or Mason Canning Jar

Bookshelf Décorations

Bookshelves, tops of cabinets and dressers and entryway tables are fabulous places to really let your decorating juices flow. Clear a few shelves off of a bookshelf and add muted tones of Americana for the patriotic holidays and summertime vibe.

25. Vintage 4th of July Postcards (download your FREE printables above!)

26. Red, White or Blue Old Books (choose only 2 colors to avoid being too flag-ish)

27. Large Jar with Red Lid

28. Old Baseballs

29. White Stars (dual purpose…they work well at Christmas too!)

30. Model or Matchbox Red Classic Car – Mustang

31. FREE Printable American Presidents Printable Artwork (get your in the sign up in this post!)

32. Gold Eagle Figurine

Patriotic Kitchen Décor

I like to add holiday and seasonal touches in the kitchen. It’s a utilitarian place that often gets overlooked with decorating, but it is so easy to add everyday useful items to give a patriotic vibe. Stacks of white or blue dishes on open shelves with a small red item, piece of artwork or small flags will be a budget friendly way to add cheerfulness to your cooking space.

33. Stack of Red, Blue or White Dishes

34. Ironstone Pitcher 

35. Blue Mug Set

36. Red Salt and Pepper Shakers

37. Blue Bottle Collection

38. Blue Striped Crock

39. White and Blue Enamelware Bowl

40. White Towel with Red Stripes

41. Red and White Checkered Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook

42. Vintage Red Advertising Tins

Living Room, Dining Room and Family Room

This is the main area people will decorate for the holidays and with good reason. There are so many areas to add touches of vintage patriotic decorations – fireplace mantel, coffee table, entry table, bookshelves, table centerpiece. The possibilities are nearly endless. But you don’t have to do a complete makeover of these rooms to bring in the summertime and 4th of July spirit. In fact, restraint is key to make it not too overwhelming. Again, this is why using everyday items that you have around the house is perfect – books, favorite vases, flowers, even toys in the right color schemes are an easy way to add holiday spirit without a lot of time involved.

43. Large Old Flag Hung Across Window

44. Light Blue Throw Blanket

45. Red Ribbon Tied Around Figurine

46. Red, White or Blue Model Wooden Boats

47. Statue of Liberty Figurine

48. Brass Candlestick Holders with White Candles

49. Presidents of the United States Poster

50. Free Printable Patriotic Artwork (get yours free below!)

I hope this list of 50 everyday garage sale items to use as vintage patriotic decor has given you great ideas to freshen up your home for the summer with a touch of holiday cheer. From Memorial Day to Fourth of July to Labor Day, these vintage patriotic items will give you a touch of excitement but will also last you all summer long.

So go shop your home first for vintage pieces and then spend a morning treasure hunting at a yard sale, estate sale and thrift store to look for everyday items you can use holiday after holiday all year long!

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