40 Everyday Garage Sale Items to Use as Vintage Easter Décor

Easter and spring is such a beautiful time of year, a time of new life. If you’re like me, you want to refresh your home décor too, but without much time involved. I mean, there’s gardens to plant and spring weather to enjoy after all! Here are 40 everyday garage sale items to use as vintage Easter décor that will give you a quick and budget friendly way to brighten your home for the new season.

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Criteria for My List of Vintage Easter Decor

  • Multi-Purpose

With all vintage seasonal decorating, I want to use items that I already have and can be repurposed for other seasons based on the style, color or theme. (ie vintage green books can be stacked for a fresh Easter display but then combined with red books for Christmas decor.) I don’t like tubs and tubs of Easter (or any other holiday) décor that can only be used 2 – 4 weeks out of the year. That is just my personal preference, but if you like lots of seasonal decorations, I’m not judging!

  • Second Hand or Already Owned

I am on a budget, so shopping my home first is a great place to start. It’s amazing how many seasonal decorating items I can find that simply have a color theme or vignette that goes with Easter. If I need unique pieces in addition to what I have, I’ll shop second hand. Usually a garage sale, estate sale or local thrift stores are great options. Rarely do I shop retail for seasonal decorating or home decor inspiration.

These 40 everyday garage sale items to use as vintage Easter decor are things you can actually find second hand or in your home (except for the real chicken eggs). However, there are a few things that I might not want to search for second hand. So some of these are good things to find at the Dollar Store or as free printables online. (Of course, if you wanted, they could also be found at other retail stores as well.)

  • Seasonal, Not Holiday

I love decorations that last for months, not weeks. As a work at home mom of three in the middle of a home renovation, this girl ain’t got a lot of time for hours of decorating. I try to decorate for a season and just add a few holiday items that can quickly be removed. (ie, decorate for spring with a few Easter touches that I’ll pack up in less than 30 minutes after Easter is over.) This is such an easy way to implement my thrifted finds and favorite things in small spaces. 

40 Everyday Garage Sale Items to Use as Vintage Easter Decor

All these items (except for the fresh eggs and flowers) you can easily find at thrifts stores, garage sales and/or estate sales. However, if you’re short on time and would like to simply shop online, I’ve added links to Etsy listings for your convenience.

Bookshelf Easter Décor

If you can, clear off a couple shelves from your living room bookshelf. Or maybe you have the top of a bookcase that’s empty and needs a touch of spring Easter decoration. Whether it’s in your living room, dining room, bedroom or a shelf on the wall, these are all great places to add vintage Easter decoration.

1. Vintage Books – Greens, Pink, Yellow, White

2. White Bowl

3. Bunny Rabbit Figurine

4. White Pillar Candle and Candle Holder

5. Live Green Plant

6. Terra Cotta Pots

7. White or Brown Wicker Basket

Vintage Easter Table Centerpiece

Dining room table centerpieces can be styled so many different ways with garage sale vintage Easter finds. Layer up from the bottom with a piece of fabric or vintage tablecloth then a long trough or vintage bowl. You can fill the bowl with green moss and floral foam of different heights (yes, these two things can be found second hand, but skip the searching and just get some at the dollar store!). You can then fill your vessel with Christian crosses made of sticks and hot glue or a cute baby chick and floral vignette for the perfect way to add spring cheer to your kitchen table.

8. Carved Wood Bowl

9. Long Galvanized Metal Planter

10. Piece of White or Pastel Fabric

11. Green Moss

12. Glass Candlesticks

13. Green, Pastel or White Taper Candles

14. White Vase and Fresh Flowers

15. Christian Cross

16. Barbed Wire Crown of Thorns

17. Chick Figurines

Open Kitchen Shelf or Kitchen Counter Easter Decorations

I love having open kitchen shelving because they are both practical and beautiful. Our everyday dishes are basic white and light green, so these colors pair perfectly with vintage Easter décor. Add a few Easter touches with chicks, eggs and printable vintage Easter postcards for an easy holiday update to your kitchen without too much work.

18. Green Jadeite Cake Stand

19. White Pitcher

20. Blue Canning Glass Jar

21. Stacks of White and Green Dishes

22. Small Wood Bowl

23. Real Brown and Green Chicken Eggs (as the original Easter eggs!)

24. Chicken Figurine

Easter Wall Art and Front Door Décor

It’s actually pretty easy to switch out art or photographs in frames already on your wall with holiday or seasonal themes. Add printable Resurrection hymn pages, Easter postcards or baby animal artwork to your walls as a great way to add simple holiday decor. And make it even easier from year to year by keeping this holiday art in the frames behind your regular photos or art for a quick switch when the time comes! 

For your front door, keep an eye out at garage sales (or get some at the dollar store) for vine wreaths, at a great price, which you can add simple Easter time faux flowers and sweet baby animals or a cross to for a fresh welcome home.

25. Vintage Easter Postcards (get some free printable postcards and sheet music below!)

26. Gold Frames

27. Framed Pages from Children’s Books

28. Music Pages of Christian Resurrection Hymns 

29. Framed Wallpaper Swatches with Flowers, Baby Animals or Chickens

30. Woven Twig Wreath

31. Sprigs of Faux Spring Flowers

32. Small Stuffed Lamb Toy or Decoration to add to the Wreath

Coffee Table Easter Décor

Whether you have a coffee table, a cabinet or dresser top, a sideboard or a small table, the possibilities are endless for simple Easter decor ideas. Layer with large different colors of green books as a base and then add a refreshing potted spring flower and some vintage treasures like Easter themed figurines.

33. Bright Vintage Hankie (or two)

34. Potted Spring Bulb Flower in Bloom (hyacinth, tulip, paper white)

35. Cement Planter Pot

36. Wood or Ceramic Church Painted White

37. Faux or Bird’s Nest

38. Wood Bird Eggs

I hope this list of 40 everyday garage sale items to use as vintage Easter décor has inspired you to look around for simple items that can add quick and budget friendly holiday cheer to your home. Don’t look at the list of Easter decorating ideas and immediately make a shopping list. Instead, look around your home for these simple vintage items you can use in a new way. And keep an eye out at garage sales, estate sales or local thrift shops throughout the year for the basics that can be used multiple ways!

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