50 Best Toys to Buy at Garage Sales to Resell on Ebay [2024]

If you have shopped for children’s toys, you know that popular or quality items can get pricey. When I’m out shopping garage sales and see a hot ticket toy for a cheap price, it’s hard for me to pass it up…even though my kids don’t need it. So, on the side, I buy and sell toys on Ebay just for the heck of it (and because it makes me money!). Here is my list of the 50 best toys to buy at garage sales to resell on Ebay [2024] version.

When Is the Best Time to Sell Toys on Ebay

If it’s a choice between listing a toy and letting it sit on your “to-do” shelf, it is always best just to list it on Ebay. Potential buyers are always looking for birthday gifts or unique items to add to their nostalgic toy collection. However, there are certain times when toys will sell more quickly.


This is obvious, right? Christmas time is hot, hot, hot for toy sales. However, don’t think you should list toys on December 1. Online customers are surprisingly early shoppers. It is a good idea to have Christmas gift toy listings posted by mid to late October to get the most out of your selling season. (Notice how early stores sell Christmas items? Yeah, that’s because people buy that early.)


You would think that sales slow down after Christmas, but there is a period when sales are still going strong. A lot of people have Christmas cash to spend and items they didn’t get on their wish list. Nostalgic and collectible toys more geared for adults sell well in January.


Always list at least two months ahead of the holiday you are selling for. Easter is good for games and plush toys; Valentines for plush toys.


Of course, seasons affect the type of toys being sold. In general, summer is the lowest sale time of the year since most people are outside or on vacations. Again, sell a couple months ahead of what you are marketing. Summertime calls for outdoor toys and sports equipment; wintertime for games, puzzles and similar items.

Guide to Buying Garage Sale Toys

When you are shopping garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores, always keep an eye out for popular toys in good condition that you can put on Ebay. Again, don’t let the toys sit on your shelf, waiting for the prime listing time. Just know that some listings might sit on Ebay for a couple months before they sell. Don’t give up on them after one or two months. At least give a listing half a year on Ebay before thinking about giving up on the sale.


When buying used toys, I do a quick search of completed listings on Ebay to see what the average sale price is. As a personal rule, I don’t buy/sell a particular item that won’t net me a $20 – $30 profit. And don’t forget the fees (totals around 10%) and shipping cost.


Generally, individual sellers won’t buy a toy that has significant wear or is missing pieces. The exception to this rule is when it’s a collectible that won’t be played with. Overall, don’t sell games or puzzles that are in poor condition with missing pieces or broken or worn toys.


I bought a trash bin full of Legos for a great price. The problem is that they are filthy and need significant time to clean…therefore, I have never gotten around to listing them on Ebay. Are they a popular toy? Yes. Did I get a great deal? Yes. But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter because of the time involved that I simply don’t have.

How to Look Up Sold Items on Ebay

I always look up sold items on Ebay before listing something. This gives me an overview of the popularity (how many times it’s been sold in the last couple months) and how to price items.

  • Type specific or general toy name
  • Filter results by clicking “Completed Listings” (You will have to scroll a ways down on desktop or click “more filters” on your phone.)
  • Filter results by clicking “Used”
  • Notice the dates of items sold and price

50 Best Toys to Buy at Garage Sales to Resell on Ebay

Building and Construction Toys

Building and construction toys have been popular top-selling products since, well, forever. Kids love creating things, and parents love the way construction toys expand a child’s brain and thinking. Lego sets of all kinds have always and will always be popular items to sell. And don’t overlook the oldies but goodies like Lincoln Logs

1. Legos

2. Duplos

3. Lincoln Logs

4. Thomas the Train Wooden Train Set and Tracks

5. Marble Run Set

6. Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks


Pretend Play Toys

Kids love pretending to live life like adults. That is why pretend play toys have and will always be good toys to sell. Again, parents love giving their kids good quality toys that will be played with over and over with endless fun and imagination involved. (Note, I did not include wooden kitchen toys in this list. While they are popular, used ones just don’t bring enough money to make it worth it for me. However, you can do an Ebay search and try it yourself.)

7. Playmobile Sets

8. Calico Critters

9. Fisher Price Little People

10. Hearth and Hand Magnolia Wooden Playsets (these are the Chip and Joanna Gaines brand play sets)

11. Brio Playsets

12. Little Tyke People and Play Sets

13. KidKraft Dollhouses, Doll House Furniture and People


Collectible Nostalgic Toys

If it was a popular toy in the 1970’s – 1990’s, it is most likely to be a popular toy now. The kids of these eras are now adults and have disposable income. And they are remembering fond childhood memories and sharing those with their own children. Vintage Lego sets, Barbies, Nintendo and the list goes on for the nostalgic collectible toys. (Note, estate sales are a great place for this era of toys. While you’ll pay a bit more, these are the homes of older people who are getting rid of their kids toys from decades ago.)

14. Vintage Lego Sets (1970’s – 1990’s)

15. Star Wars Legos

16. Vintage Star Wars Anything (1970’s – 1990’s)

17. Red Line Hot Wheels Cars

18. Vintage Game Boy Handheld Game Console

19. Vintage Nintendo Games and Consoles

20. Super Mario Figurines and Toys

21. Furby (Why??? I don’t know, but they sell.)


Movies and Games

From the classics like Uno to newer games like Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Cattan, games are constantly in demand and fetch a good price. Also, video games both vintage and newer are in high demand. Finally, less common Disney DVD and VHS movies will bring a good price on Ebay. You will just have to check each movie to see sold price and how often it sells. On all games and puzzles, there can be no missing pieces or significant damage. Original packaging is always the best bet for resale.

22. Video Games of Any Kind

23. Card Games

24. Board Games

25. Certain Classic, Non-Animated Disney Movies DVD (ie Swiss Family Robinson)

26. Walt Disney “Treasures” DVDs

27. Animated Disney Movies VHS (sold as a lot to make it worth the money)

Educational Toys

Educational toys are always in demand by parents because of their value and by kids because of the long-lasting playtime these toys give. Since these are quality toys usually designed to last, the price tag is higher than typical toys. Look for these at garage sales for a higher than usual resell value.

28. Melissa and Doug Toys

29. Wild Kratts Toys and Costumes

30. High Quality Puzzles

31. Leapfrog

32. Hex Bugs Sets


Dolls, Action Figures and Plush Toys

Particular dolls, action figures and plush toys are still going strong decades after they were first introduced. That means the vintage resale market as well as the newer version resell market is strong on Ebay. Knowing if your item is a collectible or going to be used as an actual toy is the best way to help you determine who you are marketing the item to and what condition it is expected to be in.

33. Barbie

34. Polly Pockets

35. G.I. Joe Action Figures

36. American Girl Dolls

37. Disney Plush Toys

Cars and Trucks

Vehicles have been one of the most long-standing toys on the market. Some toys are run of the mill and don’t hold their value, but some are so well made or so fun that they keep their popularity decade after decade. It is worth digging through those boxes of toys at a yard sale to find some toy cars and trucks worth listing on Ebay to bring in extra cash.

38. Transformers

39. Tonka Trucks

40. Disney Cars Mini Racers

41. Hot Wheels Cars Track Set

42. Collectible Matchbox Cars (both in the box and out of box)


General Play Toys

There are thousands of toys and toy brands that people sell on Ebay. It’s worth doing your research to see what a particular toy has been sold for on Ebay and for how much. Remember to narrow your search by “Completed Listings” and “Used” condition to see what has sold, not what is being listed (two totally different results). Here are a few miscellaneous toys and categories that are popular second hand. And keep in mind that if you’re searching for sold listings of sports equipment in January, it might not be the same results as searching for sold listings in July.

43. Paw Patrol

44. Disney Playsets and Other Toys

45. Wooden Toys

46. Vintage Fisher Price

47. Rawlings and Wilson Baseball Gloves

48. Youth Hockey Equipment

49. Entire Sets of Arts and Craft Supplies

50. Crayola Craft Items in New Condition


I trust that this list of 50 best toys to buy at garage sales to resell on Ebay has prompted some good ideas for you. Whether you go all in and resell toys as a business or if you simply pick up a few good deals when you’re on your regular garage sale run, keep your eyes out for these popular toys and toy brands at low prices. You can certainly make extra money for your family from garage sale items. And as an added bonus, you can find toys to give your kids as birthday and Christmas gifts at a fraction of the original price!

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