30 Everyday Items I Buy at Garage Sales and the Actual Savings

Shopping garage sales might seem like a good idea, but after the time and gas spent running around, does it really save you money? I am going to tell you 30 everyday items I buy at garage sales and the actual savings from buying used items. (Hint: I literally save thousands of dollars on everyday items we need!)

I may earn a small commission through your purchase through any Amazon Affiliate links on this post.  This is at no additional cost to you.  All recommendations are my own because I have used and like each product.

Time spent = 2 – 4 hours every week. Sometimes up to 6 hours if there is a city wide garage sale. (I count this as regular “shopping time” since I’m rarely in a real store other than for groceries.)

Gas spent = Approximately $5 – $10. My regular “loop” is about 60 miles around several towns and a city near me if I don’t have kids with me. This can vary according to sales available. (I combine my garage sale shopping with other errands in the city, so I save on gas.) When the kids are with me, I usually just go to one smaller town and hit what’s available for a couple hours. Read my Tips on How To Garage Sale with Kids Here.

Bonus: Most of the kids’ clothing and gear I buy at garage sales are high quality, so I am able to resell them at my own garage sale when we’re done with them. Essentially, we use name brand clothing and kids’ items for free with just a little time spent buying and selling them.

Key Point: This kind of shopping takes planning, intentionality and patience. It is a crockpot sort of purchasing rather than Amazon Prime purchasing. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon Prime too!) To make your own shopping plan, get my FREE fully Customizable Garage Sale Shopping List you can download to your mobile phone for an easy access. Make the list on your phone and have it with you whenever you see a sale!

Baby and Kid Items I Buy At Garage Sales

1. Kids Clothes, Shoes and Coats

Kid clothing is a big start to 30 everyday items I buy at garage sales and the actual savings. I would shop garage sales even if it were just for this category. Nearly all of our kids’ clothes comes from garage sales. Sure there are a few small items that I just can’t find (or don’t want to buy used) that I purchase new (usually the basics like good socks, underwear and a random piece for a special occasion). And, no, our kids don’t wear torn, stained or outdated items (at least they’re not torn or stained when I buy them). Most of their clothes are brand name and always still in style.

Real Life Examples

Carhartt Kids’ Winter Coat

New: $55 at Amazon 

Garage sale price: $5

Nike Toddler Girl Tennis Shoes

New: $43 at Amazon 

Garage sale price: $3

Cat and Jack Khaki Boy Pants

New: $12 at Target 

Garage Sale Price: $3

2. Kid Kitchenware

From Munchkin sippy cups to baby spoons, kid kitchen items are everywhere. I have a few specific brands that I always snatch up when I see them because even if we don’t need them now, we will.

Real Life Examples

Munchkin sippy cup

New: $14 for two at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $2 each

Kid Contigo Water Bottle (I only buy these if they appear pristine condition…and I can usually find them)

New: $22 – $30 for two at Amazon

Garage Sale Price: $2 each

3. Baby Gear and Furniture

Strollers, bouncy seats, high chairs and allllll the baby stuff can be found used at garage sales for a reasonable price. Now, to be honest, the more kids I have, the pickier I am about the right kind of baby gear to fit our lives. But even when I’m looking for a specific item, I have almost always been able to find it used on Facebook Marketplace.

Real Life Examples

Doona Car Seat and 2 Bases (recent score that I’m super pumped about!)

New: $850 at Amazon

Garage Sale (Facebook Marketplace) Price: $225

Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube

New: $60 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $7

4. Kid Books and Educational Toys

Books, puzzles and science experiment kits are great items to find at garage sales. Again, there are some specific books I buy online (used). But for the most part, I can stock up at garage sales for much lower prices. (Pro tip: search for yard sales titled “teacher garage sale.”)

Real Life Examples

Melissa and Doug Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

New: $16 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $3

Usborn Baby Book That’s Not My Elephant

New: $8.50 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $0.50 – $1.00

5. Birthday and Christmas Gifts for Kids

Now before you turn your nose up at a used gift, let me tell you, I find a lot of new kids’ toys in the box at garage sales. Even if they’re used, I will only buy them in excellent condition that actually look gift worthy. We do still buy lots of new items as gifts, but I am trying to get better about shopping ahead for upcoming gifts at garage sales.

Real Life Examples

24 Inch Squishmallow – for my niece (new with tags, never played with)

New: $34 at Amazon (for smaller 12 inch)

Garage Sale Price: $8

Yamaha Kids Battery Four Wheeler

New: $259 at Walmart 

Garage Sale Price: $10 + new battery: $40

Melissa and Doug Kitchen Mixer Set

New: $25 at Amazon

Used: $5

Adult Clothing and Essentials I Buy at Garage Sales

6. Adult Clothing, Coats and Shoes

To be honest, I HATE clothes shopping. This includes garage sales or in actual stores. I don’t seriously browse clothes at garage sales because it just isn’t my thing. But lots of people do, and save a lot of money on quality clothing. And when something catches my eye, I do often buy it because the price is worth trying it out.

Real Life Examples

Sperry Women’s Boat Shoes

New: $48 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price (never worn): $3

Banana Republic Women’s Field Jacket

New: $200 at Gap/Banana Republic 

Garage Sale Price: $10

Home Essentials I Buy at Garage Sales

7. Storage Totes

Since we live in a single wide mobile home and most of our storage is in a shed that is susceptible to mice, we use A LOT of storage totes. I can find them at garage sales, but the main source for me is estate sales. Estates sales are the perfect place to find stacks upon stacks of good condition plastic totes at a low price.

Real Life Example

Sterilite 64 Quart Latching Lid

New: $14 at Amazon 

Garage or Estate Sale Price: $4

8. Electric Kitchen Tools

Blenders, mixers (yes, even the ever popular Kitchenaid mixer), InstaPots, toaster ovens…the list could go on and on. I see kitchen appliances all.the.time in very good working condition.

Real Life Examples

Vitamix Blender (yes, THE Vitamix blender)

New: $469 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $20

Cuisenart Immersion Blender (New in box)

New: $40 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $5

Cuisenart Ice Cream Maker:

New: $80 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $20

9. Kitchen Utensils, Pots, Pans and Baking Supplies

Whatever kind of kitchen item you need, you can usually find it at a garage or estate sale. I will admit, most of our kitchen items came from our wedding registry and have not needed replacement. But there are a few items I have purchased at yard sales.

Real Life Example

8 Cup Glass Measuring Bowl with Lid

New: $59 at Amazon

Garage Sale Price: $10

Pampered Chef Pizza Stone

New: $50 at Pampered Chef 

Garage Sale Price: $5

10. Glass and Metal Bowls

Pyrex, Corningware, Anchor Hocking and so many more are top items to find at a garage sale. I love the glass bowl sets with snap lids especially. Keep an eye out for good sets, and you will never have to buy new again.

Real Life Example

Pyrex Mixing Bowl Set

New: $18 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $8

Large Metal Mixing Bowl

New: $22 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price $5

11. Household Appliances

Again, I’m not against buying new appliances, but I’ve only bought one new appliance…our refrigerator…because I wanted that specific refrigerator. All our other appliances – washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher – have come from garage sales.

Real Life Example

GE Washer and Dryer Set

New: $1,500 at Home Depot 

Garage Sale Price: $300 for the set

12. Storage Shelving Units

I’ve bought my fair share of new shelving units when I need something right away for my Etsy business. But when possible, I wait it out for a garage sale find because there is usually one just around the corner. (Pro tip: Go early if you want to snag these. They are popular items and go quickly!)

Real Life Example

72 Inch Wide Heavy Duty Steel Shelving

New: $329 at Lowes 

Garage Sale Price: $75

Heavy Duty Plastic Shelving Unit

New: $48 at Amazon

Garage Sale Price: $10

Home Decoration I Buy at Garage Sales

13. New Style Home Décor

From Hobby Lobby lamps to Target pillows, cozy throw blankets to frames of all styles, your local garage sale will carry it. Are there a lot of sales with outdated, dirty or non-working items? Absolutely. But shop smart (in the right neighborhoods), look at garage sale listing photos (on Facebook Marketplace ads) and be patient, and as savvy shoppers you will be able to decorate your home at a fraction of the cost.

Real Life Example

Target Pillows

New: $15 – 30 at Target

Garage Sale Price: $5 – 7

Hobby Lobby Lamp

New: $45 – 60

Garage Sale Price: $7 – 10

14. Vintage Home Décor

This is easily my favorite of the 30 everyday items I buy at garage sales and the actual savings. If you love vintage items, you will love shopping garage and estate sales! This is where it’s at. Mid Century, Boho, authentic Farmhouse and Rustic styles are all here. Yes, you sometimes need to search and be patient, but that’s what garage sale shopping is all about. Make a list and wait patiently for that perfect find.

Prices are hard to compare, but you will find great deals on vintage home décor!

15. Baskets and Crates

Whether you need a stylish laundry basket, cute egg gathering basket or a book basket for your kids’ room, basket are a dime a dozen at garage sales. I always find a use for woven, metal or wood baskets and crates.

Real Life Example

Woven Laundry Basket

New: $50 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price $7

16. Vintage or New Quilts

There’s nothing like the weight of a beautiful quilt. I even shopped for a friend one summer who wanted several quilts for her kids at a fair price. Whenever I see a good deal on a great condition vintage quilt, I will snatch it up because we always use them for throws, bed spreads and even picnic blankets. (Pro tip: great deals on quilts will always be at garage sales. Estate sales will have expensive prices.)

Real Life Example

Vintage Quilts

Antique Store Price: $75+

Garage Sale Price: $10 – 20 (if you keep out a sharp eye)

Tools and Home Improvement Supplies I Buy at Garage Sales

17. Furniture

I’ve rarely bought a new piece of furniture. (And when I say rarely, I think I’ve bought a new bench aaaand that’s it.) That’s not saying I’m against it or won’t in the future. But I just don’t. There is new furniture and old of all different styles that has worked great for us so far.

Real Life Example

Nearly New Chest of Drawers

New: $387 at Wayfair

Garage Sale Price $75

Laz-y-Boy Leather Club Chair

New: $1,439 at Wayfair

Garage Sale Price: $125

18. Power Tools

Full disclosure, we buy most of our power tools new. There is a certain brand we like, and we usually need specific tools for our renovations. But if you’re starting out, you can find tons of high quality power tools at local sales. (Pro tip: search at estate sales for the liquidation of retired men’s high quality tools.) I have bought many very useful tools at garage sales that we still use.

Real Life Example

Kobalt Miter Saw with Stand

New: $289 at Lowes

Garage Sale Price: $200

Craftsman Router and Table

New(ish) on Ebay: $300

Garage Sale Price $50

19. Regular Tools

Hammers, screwdrivers, hand saws, tape measures…everyone has them, and at some point many people sell them at their garage or estate sales. When we were first married, Caleb stocked up on all the basics at garage sales because they were a great way to get quality items at super cheap prices.

Real Life Example

High Quality Basic Hammer

New: $33 at Amazon

Garage Sale Price: $5

Dewalt Socket Set

New: $38 at Amazon

Garage Sale Price: $10

20. Home Renovation Supplies

I’ve seen beautiful pedestal sinks, flooring, chandeliers and ceiling fans and even a brand new farmhouse sink that was so dreamy I almost bought it even though I didn’t need it. And when it comes to new paint brushes, rollers and paint pans, look no further than a rummage sale or estate sale.

Real Life Example

Good Quality Paint Brush (never used)

New: $12 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $1 – 2

Apron Front Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink

New (for similar looking item): $369 at Lowes

Garage Sale Price: $125

Garden Tools, Lawn Care and Outdoor Furniture I Buy at Garage Sales

21. Garden Tools

I have a heart attack every time I see the retail price for garden tools, so gardening supplies definitely makes the list for the 30 everyday items I buy at garage sales and the actual savings. Shovels, rakes, hand tools, clippers, tomato cages, hoses…you’ll find them all at garage sales. I currently use a soaker hose system for my vegetable garden, and always, always, always pick them up at sales (and many times they’re in new packaging).

Real Life Example

100 Foot Garden Soaker Hose

New: $25 at Amazon

Garage Sale Price: $2

Hand Shovel

New: $9 at Amazon

Garage Sale Price: $2

Regular Shovel

New: $40 at Amazon

Garage Sale Price: $5

22. Plant Potting Supplies

Plant pots of all varieties are all over garage sales. Seriously. You can find them at almost every sale and certainly every estate sale. But something else I like to snag when I find it is potting soil since it’s sooo expensive in the store. Watering cans and small tools are also common garage sale items.

Real Life Example

Bag of Potting Soil

New: $15 at Lowes 

Garage Sale Price (for ¾ bag): $2

15 Inch Ceramic Pot:

New: $37 at Lowes 

Garage Sale Price: $10

23. Lawn Care

When it came to a riding lawn mower, we bought one new because we were in a hurry and knew the brand we wanted. But everything else we’ve purchased for lawn care – push mower, weed eater, leaf blowers, etc – have all been yard sale items. (Pro tip: Shop estate sales for lawn mowers and other lawn care equipment that has been taken care of by the older owners. Also, ALWAYS test to make sure they work properly before buying and ask the estate sale’s return policy on non-working items.)

Real Life Example

Leaf Blower/Mulcher


Garage Sale Price: $45

Push Mower (still going strong after 5 years purchase from garage sale)


Used: $75

24. Outdoor Furniture

If you want super cheap prices, you can get plenty of outdoor furniture that just needs another coat of paint or stain. But if you’re not the DIYer, never fear, there are plenty of high quality options still available in this category. Again, estate sales are great places for outdoor furniture, but garage sales (especially in high end neighborhoods or during city wide garage sales) do have plenty of options.

Real Life Example

Kids Folding Picnic Table

New: $90 at Amazon

Garage Sale Price: $15

Retro Metal Outdoor Chair

New: $78 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $5 + 1 can of spray paint: $4

Miscellaneous Items I Buy at Garage Sales

25. Exercise Equipment

Caleb is into exercise. Me, not so much, unfortunately. But he is wanting to establish a garage gym with all the weights and such. Garage sales for the win! People everywhere have high workout aspirations, and those aspirations usually end up in their next garage sale.

Real Life Example

Dumbbell Set and Rack

New: $400 at Dick’s Sporting Goods 

Garage Sale Price: $75

Adjustable Weight Bench

New: $215 at Dick’s Sporting Goods 

Garage Sale Price: $45

26. Farm and Animal Supplies

If you have a dog, a cat or farm animals, you can find plenty of animal supplies. My favorite items to buy for our farm are animal cages and crates, rubber watering bowls and fencing.

Real Life Example

50 foot Roll of 6 foot tall Chicken Wire (New in package)

New: $68 at Tractor Supply

Garage Sale Price: $25

Galvanized Stock Tank (new condition)

New: $159 at Tractor Supply

Garage Sale Price: $25

Rubber Livestock Water Bowl/Feeder Pan

New: $25 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $2

27. Luggage

Estate sales are great for high quality luggage that’s been well taken care of by its older owners. I have an orange suitcase set of hardside Samsonite that I absolutely love. Other than a tear to the lining inside (which was easily fixable) they were in near perfect condition. Garage sales are a great idea for kid rolling suitcases, backpacks and bags of all sorts.

Real Life Example

Samsonite Spinner Rolling Hardside Luggage Set

New: $373 (set of 3) on sale at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $20 (set of 2)

Hardside Kid’s Spinner Rolling Suitcase and Bag

New: $66 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $5

28. Office Supplies

I certainly buy office supplies new, but I really don’t need to. Estate sales are liquidating home offices all the time, so I try to pick up items I use when I remember. And while new office supplies don’t break the bank, getting them used when I’m already at a sale saves a little extra cash.

Real Life Example

Pack of Post It Notes

New: $8.50 at Amazon

Garage (Estate) Sale Price: $2

Box of Thank You Cards

New: $11 at Amazon

Garage Sale Price: $3

29. Craft Supplies

The kids are loving to make crafts, so whenever I find things that would keep them busy, I snatch them up. Glue sticks, popsicle craft sticks, markers, stamps and other similar items for the mom win! And for myself, thread, sewing supplies, ribbon and fabric are easy buys.

Real Life Example

Box of 1,000 Piece Popsicle Sticks

New: $12 at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $2

Sewing Thread

New: $7 for Two at Amazon 

Garage Sale Price: $0.50

30. Sports Equipment

Sports equipment wraps up the 30 everyday items I buy at garage sales and the actual savings. Unless you need something specific, sports equipment at a garage sale is a must. Bicycles, tennis rackets, balls of all kinds, basketball goals are all plentiful.

Real Life Example

Basketball (like new condition)

New: $20 at Amazon

Garage Sale Price: $2 – $5

Kid’s Balance Bicycle

New: $70 at Amazon

Garage Sale Price: $7

And that is 30 everyday items I buy at garage sales and actual savings. Is it worth it? In my opinion, absolutely, 100%. I would be spending time and gas buying these items anyway, so the few hours I go out each week are sort of a wash. The thing with garage sales is that you have to plan, be flexible and be patient. It puts intentionality into the purchases you make.

And, no, I don’t buy absolutely everything at garage sales. There are some key items that I’ve learned to buy new to get something that works for our family instead of wasting money on items that sort of, kind of, don’t really fit our lifestyle.

Just realize, I did not find all these examples in just one season of garage saling. These are examples from the past two years (summers) of shopping. However, I do see these items I’ve mentioned often even if I don’t need to purchase them anymore. They are not rare finds.

So get out and try your hand at garage sale shopping! Pick ONE category to start with to keep from getting overwhelmed and see what kind of extra money you can save.

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