40 Vintage Style Kitchen Utensils from Amazon (2022)

When it comes to kitchen utensils, I am a minimalist. I just don’t have the space or desire to store every kitchen gadget that’s out there. But living in a tiny house, I also want items to serve a dual purpose – usefulness and beauty. Here is my list of 40 vintage style kitchen utensils from Amazon to do just that.

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Why Use Vintage Style Kitchen Utensils?

There’s something about having a vintage crock to store utensils that just gives an authentic vintage vibe to a kitchen, whether it’s Farmhouse, Mid Century or Industrial style décor. But filling that vintage utensil holder with new, plastic utensils kinda kills the vibe. These Amazon kitchen finds will look beautimous on your counter, in your kitchen blogging photos or just to give you a bit of a smile when you cook for your fam.

And that brings me to another point. I’m getting to the perspective that if I’m going use something, why not make it something beautiful that brings me a smile? Buying quality items that have simple beauty doesn’t always mean spending more money, but it DOES usually mean bringing more fun to life.

What is the Cost of Buying Vintage Style Utensils?

Utensils are stupid expensive I think. I remember registering for our wedding and choking about asking someone to spend $15 – $20.00 on a “cheap” can opener. Am I just ultra cheap-o? (Don’t answer that.)

So, buying kitchen utensils with a simple vintage beauty is no more expensive than regular utensils. Actually, some of these suggestions are such basic items, that they are really pretty cheap. This list of vintage style cooking utensils is all about being intentional about WHAT you buy so that even the simplest utility items lend beauty to your home. It’s not about spending more money.

Do I Use Actual Vintage Kitchen Utensils?

Sometimes, yes. Ok, maybe a lot of times, but I’m pretty picky about the cleanliness of vintage kitchen utensils I find. Growing up, my mom had a thing about finding unique and curious antique cooking utensils and using them in the kitchen. It was a fun collection. Some of her tried and true items I have searched out and snagged while at estate sales.

But things like wooden spoons and spatulas I would not personally use second hand. There’s just something about wood soaking up decades of…stuff. I do have my grandma’s wooden rolling pin I use on a regular basis, but that’s because it was grandma.

Are All My Utensils Vintage Style?

No. We all have the kitchen drawers and cabinets of items that work great but aren’t designed to be pretty. Sometimes old isn’t always better, and I have a small drawer of new-looking utensils that are just necessary. Life is life.

Also, I didn’t start out life on my own thinking about vintage style kitchen utensils. Being the cheapo that I am, I am replacing items slowly and not all at once.

BONUS To This List of Vintage Style Kitchen Utensils from Amazon

I’m not perfect at letting my kids join me in the kitchen. To be honest, we just all want to cook and bake in peace, right? But I do enjoy when they join me. And when they do, I like to have some utensils that are kid size.

So throughout this list, I will add bonus kid size vintage style kitchen utensils so you can make memories with your kids in the kitchen!

Enjoy this list of 50 vintage style kitchen utensils from Amazon so you can add simple vintage beauty to your everyday cooking and baking needs!

Rolling Pins

Every kitchen needs a rolling pin, right? Pretty sure it does. While there are some truly beauty, worn antique rolling pins out there, I would reserve those for display and purchase a vintage style rolling pin (unless it’s grandma’s old one, of course).

1. Farmhouse Style Wood Rolling Pin

2. French Rolling Pin (great for Mid Century or Industrial Styles)

3. Scandinavian Embossed Rolling Pin

I have wanted one of these for ages. I have no idea WHY haven’t I gotten one yet. (Except, that whole kitchen minimalist thing I have going.) But THIS is going on my Christmas list this year!

4. BONUS: Child Size Rolling Pin

This is a must in our kitchen. Whether pies, breads, cookies or play dough, the kids LOVE joining me when rolling things out. And this kind is my favorite classic vintage kid option. With the holiday season coming up, I know I’ll be pulling this out a lot!

Spoons and Spatulas

5. Set of 4 Wood Cooking Utensils


6. Mid Century Acacia Wood Cooking Spoons

7. Wooden Soup Ladle

8. Flat Bottom Metal and Wood Ice Cream Spoon

This is SO MUCH MORE than an ice cream scoop. This is one of the utensils mom had that I’ve sought out while at estate sales. Yes, it makes for one great ice cream spoon, but it is also fabulous for making jams, apple sauce and anything that you need to thoroughly scrape the bottom of the pot. Its ease of use has me using it time and again.

9. Metal and Acacia Wood Spatulas

I just found these, and am in love!!! Ok, something else for my Christmas list. 🙂

10. Brass Cooking Utensils

No matter your vintage decorating style, these are goooorgeous! Hang these above your stove to give instant vintage French kitchen style. These are just like a vintage set I sold in my Etsy shop, Our Vintage Bungalow (but a fraction of the cost!).

11. Set of Copper and Stainless Steel Utensils

If you’re kitchen leans more to copper tones, try this set of copper utensils for a glow of rose gold beauty. (I’m finding lots of gorgeous options from the Styled Settings Amazon store. You might check them out!)

12. Boho Orange Nylon Utensils

For a punch of color in your Bohemian or Industrial style kitchen, go with this orange nylon cooking utensil set. Vintage style with modern convenience!

Whisks, Tongs, Scrapers and Misc

13.  Set of Silicone and Copper Kitchen Utensils

Sometimes you just need a good silicone scraper. But the combination of copper and white give this set a beautiful vintage French country feel.

14.  Wood Handle Whisk

15.  BONUS: Kid Size Whisk

16.  Teal Potato Masher

For that perfect retro kitchen vibe, add cooking utensils of different colors – especially teal or red handles. This potato masher fits the bill perfectly.

17.  Dough and Counter Scraper

18.  Retro Ice Cream and Cookie Scoops

I had an authentic vintage ice cream scoop exactly like this green one. I loved the color but not the fact that 60 years had made the mechanism not work. These reproductions are awesome for their style AND the fact that they actually work.

19.  Bamboo Tongs

20.  Chef Set of Can Opener, Pizza Cutter, Vegetable Peeler

Baking Utensils

My kids are all about baking with me. I usually give them a bowl, a pile of flour and a scoop or whisk. Is it messy? Yes. But guess what! Flour vacuums up quite easily, and the best part is their joyful smiles!

21.  Ice, Flour and Dry Goods Scoop

22.  Wooden Measuring Spoons

23.  Enamel Measuring Cups

24.  Brass and Wood Measuring Cups and Spoons

25.  Copper Measuring Cups and Spoons

26.  Porcelain Measuring Cups

27.  BONUS: Kid’s Colorful Measuring Cups and Spoons

Utensils for Drinks

Whether you’re a juice, coffee or tea kind of person, you need certain tools for your morning ritual. Choose items that will make you smile on those early mornings.

28.  Retro Juicer

29.  Loose Leaf Set Steeper Set

30.  Totally Rad Boho Coffee Scoop

31.  Long Handle Coffee Scoop

32.  Drink Stirrer Sticks

Oven Mitts and Trivets

A friend gave me a house warming gift one time, and one of the items was a beautiful pot holder. Such a simple item, but it was the beginning of my changing view of using beautiful items. Why get a boring utilitarian potholder when you can get a beautiful one?

33.  Floral Oven Mitts

34.  BONUS: Kid Gingham Oven Mitts

35.  Patchwork Quilt Pot Holder

36.  Boho Crochet Trivets

37.  Cast Iron Trivet

Utensil Holders

Now that you have all these vintage style kitchen utensils from Amazon, you need some place to display them! Here are some amazing utensil holders that will make you swoon.

38.  Mid Century Modern Utensil Holder

39.  Blue Pottery Crock

40.  Classic Farmhouse Crock

Whatever your style, by making meaningful choices, you can make the everyday special. I hope this list of vintage style kitchen utensils from Amazon inspires you to decide your vintage kitchen style and have fun adding utility items that make you smile!

Comment below and tell me your favorite utensil from this list!

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Pin for Later 40 Vintage Style Kitchen Utensils from Amazon

  1. Wooden Soup Ladle
  2.  Loose Leaf Set Steeper Set
  3. Mid Century Modern Utensil Holder
  4. Set of Silicone and Copper Kitchen Utensils
  5. Enamel Measuring Cups
  6. Brass Cooking Utensils
  7. French Rolling Pin
  8. Wooden Measuring Spoons
  9. Retro Juicer

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