100 Budget Friendly Vintage Gift Ideas From Etsy (2023)

Are you tired of getting your sister, mom or niece the same ol’ kind of gift each year? Is it still hard after 20 years to figure out a great gift for your dad? Wouldn’t it be nice to find the perfect gift that they will love? Here are my 100 budget friendly vintage gift ideas from Etsy (2023). And don’t worry if your family member isn’t a vintage lover. These gifts ideas are ideal for everyone!

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FAQ About Giving Vintage Gifts

Who Would Enjoy A Vintage Gift?

Whether it’s birthdays, mother’s day or Christmas, we are continuously trying to find gifts for those we love without it being, well, another gift card or candle. Yes, for Christmas we try to simplify and draw names or do a gift exchange. But there are still parents’ birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, sister’s birthdays, college students graduating and the list can go on.

I do love giving people gifts, but it can certainly get overwhelming real fast. Especially when I prioritize the personal touch of a unique gift suited to the individual!

Even if you don’t have lots of family, you probably have friends, a partner and certainly your kids. Yes, you can buy your non-vintage loving husband a vintage gift. As for your less than gentle kids? Oh boy, don’t get me started. I’ve written a whole post on kids living with vintage items. The following gift guide will help you curate the best Etsy gifts for the upcoming holiday season!

Aren’t Vintage Gifts Expensive?

The terms “vintage” or “antique” often scare people away. Ideas of museum quality paintings, sculptures and gilded chairs somehow come to mind.

Depending on who defines the term, “vintage” is a term for anything 20 – 40 years old. That means anything created before 2003 (or 1983 for the 40 year mark) is considered vintage. Pretty sure there are a TON of items people used everyday that fit into that category. That means there are lots of options for every budget!

“Antique” is something over 100 years old. Yes, this makes antiques harder to come by, but still, there can be lots of items that are budget friendly, if you know what and where to look. It may take a little bit of hunting, but you can certainly find an inexpensive gift to fit the bill.

Aren’t Vintage Items Fragile?

When people think of old items, they envision delicate figurines at Grandma’s and the reminder of “Don’t run in the house!” No one wants to go back to the days of tip toeing around shelves of breakables – especially those with young children.

But again, vintage items are things that are 20 – 40 years old. If you don’t want fragile figurines, then don’t buy fragile figurines. Electronics, tools, toys, Industrial machines, clothing, hard working farm items and more all fit into the term “vintage.” Some of the most affordable gifts fall into this category. 

Do you have a brother in law who loves 70’s Rock and Roll? Then a vintage concert T shirt or record album may be just the thing! (And it certainly isn’t fragile.) High quality does not have to mean expensive. It often can be a cheap gift idea without looking, you know, CHEAP.

Isn’t Buying A Vintage Gift Kind of Like Giving Someone Leftover Garage Sale Items?

In our culture, people shy away from giving “used” gifts. I guess used items are equal to cheap gifts in order to get rid of your unwanted junk. But some of the best gifts are ones with a history. As long as they’re in good condition, vintage and antique gifts are some of the most thoughtful items to give! And it is a zero waste gift, which is another win in my book.

If you put thought into purchasing something (even if it’s not that expensive) specifically suited to someone’s interests, then you are not giving a cast off, second hand gift. One of my friends absolutely loves used books – her favorite gift of all is a vintage book! There is nothing easier. I can easily find inexpensive vintage books thrift stores. (If only all my friends were this easy to buy for!)

In fact, giving a vintage gift is a lot more thoughtful than running to a retail store to mindlessly purchase a candle, bath soap or, heavens, a gift card just so you can get on with your day. (Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good candle and gift card. Bath soap…not so much.)

So whether you’re buying for an animal lover or a techy geek, Etsy is the perfect place to support small businesses run by a vibrant community of real people. AND you can find just the perfect, uniquely them gift.

100 Budget Friendly Vintage Gift Ideas from Etsy (2023)

Budget Friendly Vintage Gift Ideas for the Music Lover

A whole host of vintage music gifts abound on Etsy. You can find a vintage style instant download of their favorite song or music poster (automatic free shipping win!) or one of a kind items for those who like to jam it out.

1.      Vintage Music Instrument for Decoration

2.      Vintage Sheet Music or Music Book for the Musician

3.      Vintage (or Reproduction) Music Concert T Shirts

4.      Vintage Music Poster

5.      Vintage Instrument Accessory (guitar straps, picks, metronome)

6.      Vintage Record Album of Favorite Artist or Genre

7.      Vintage Radio Converted to Bluetooth

8.      Vintage Oil Can Converted to Speaker

Thoughtful Gifts for the Fashionista on Etsy

Vintage treasures abound in the Etsy fashion world. Creative entrepreneurs sometimes do their own spin on vintage clothing items or simply buy quality pieces that they have cleaned up with extraordinary care and will pass on to you.

9.      Vintage Wool or Silk Scarf

10.  Vintage Jewelry

11.  Audrey Hepburn Style Sunglasses

12.  Vintage Ring Holder or Necklace Hanger

13.  Vintage Purse

14.  Vintage Jeans, Sweaters, Shirts, etc.

15.  Vintage Compact Mirror for Purse

16.  Vintage Market Bag

17.  Vintage Sun Hat

Vintage Gifts Your Kids Will Die For

Want to give your kids toys you enjoyed as a kid? Head on over to Etsy where the toy category is huge. Just look for shops with 5-star reviews to get quality, expert support on your purchase.

18.  Vintage Lego Set

19.  Vintage Wood Baby Furniture (cradle, highchair, etc)

20.  Vintage Board Games (Sorry, Risk, Monopoly)

21.  Vintage Micro Machine Cars

22.  Vintage Wood Board Puzzles

23.  Vintage Wood Vehicles

24.  Fisher Price Play Family Sets

25.  Vintage Picture Books

26.  Vintage Barbies and Accessories

27.  Vintage Comic Books

Low Cost Gifts for the Cook on Etsy

Interested buyers for anything kitchen will have a hey-dey on Etsy. Specific listings from Etsy sellers for vintage kitchen range from cute shelf decor to dreamy French linen towels to furniture perfect for kitchen storage.

28.  Vintage Tea Set

29.  Vintage Embroidered Tea Towel

30.  Unique, Vintage (Usable) Kitchen Utensils

31.  Vintage Crock for Utensils

32.  Vintage (or Reproduction) Ironstone Pitcher

33.  Unique Vintage Basket for Fruit

34.  Vintage Recipe Box with Vintage Handwritten Recipes

Perfect Retro Gifts for the Electronics Geek or Gamer

This is a super fun category to browse on Etsy. And while I’m not techy in the least, it might be a personal favorite. Etsy sellers are so creative when taking old tech and making something new and useful out of it.

35.  Retro Bluetooth Speaker

36.  Vintage IBM Mainframe Parts

37.  Retro Alarm Clock

38.  Reproduction Computer or Gaming Charts and Posters

39.  Vintage Mario Brothers Toy Figure

40.  Custom Engraved Wood “Mix Tape” with QR Code

Great Gifts for the Reader

Whether you simply get groups of vintage books in different colors or search for a specific title, Etsy is the place for book lovers. Head on over for that perfect Christmas or birthday gift now!

41.  A Favorite Book in It’s Antique or Vintage Version

42.  Stack of Vintage Books in Same Color

43.  Set of Vintage Library Cards for Bookmarks

44.  Lot of Vintage Letters or Postcards (turns out, it IS fun to read someone else’s mail!)

45.  Reproduction Wax and Seal

46.  Vintage “This Book Belongs To ____” Stamp

47.  Vintage Working Typewriter

vintage metal toolbox budget friendly gift ideas from etsy

Hardworking Etsy Gifts for the Tool Guy

Construction site work or hobby woodworking CAN happen with a vintage or vintage inspired gift. So never fear if you’re hardest person to buy for isn’t into “vintage.” They just don’t know the possibilities on Etsy!

48.  Vintage Tool Belt

49.  Vintage Metal Toolbox (just like dad used to have)

50.  Vintage Woodworking Tools

51.  Vintage Screwdriver Keychain

52.  Vintage Pocketknife

Unique Vintage Gifts for the Home Decorator on Etsy

Antique skeleton keys, pillows, furniture, mirrors, rusty old signs, the list goes on and on for vintage gifts on Etsy for the home decorator. And plenty of sellers offer free standard shipping for an added bonus.

53.  Vintage Flower Vase or Pot

54.  Authentic Vintage Sign

55.  Vintage Baskets

56.  Vintage French Linen Towel

57.  Vintage Serving Tray

58.  Vintage Canisters for Various Storage

59.  Vintage (reproduction) Art Prints (Hint: you can buy these on Etsy as downloads and print them off at a print store to your specific size.)

60.  Vintage Frames

61.  Vintage Candlesticks

62.  Vintage Quilt

63.  Vintage Clock

The Right Vintage Gifts for the Outdoorsman

Special goods for the outdoorsman are easy to come by on Etsy. Below is a list to get you started, but once you start browsing, you will find tons of gift options!

64.  Vintage Cast Iron Skillet

65.  Vintage Hiking Backpack

66.  Vintage Fishing Lures or Reels

67.  Vintage Hunting Knife

68.  Authentic Indian Arrowheads

69.  Vintage Compass

70.  Vintage Flashlight

Fun Vintage Gifts on Etsy for the Crafter

Vintage creative goods are all over on Etsy…actually vintage crafting supplies have their very own category! So, yes, Etsy is the absolute perfect place to find the best gift for the crafter in your life. 

71.  Vintage Drawer Craft Storage

72.  Vintage Sewing Patterns

73.  Vintage Craft Supplies in Bulk

74.  Vintage Sewing Basket

75.  Vintage Cross Stitch Patterns

76.  Vintage Work Light

Unique Vintage Gifts for the Person Who Doesn’t Need Anything

We all have those people. You want to buy them a gift, but they don’t.need.ANYTHING. Browse this list for unique items that I bet they don’t have (but will love).

77.  US or Foreign Currency in Their Birth Year

78.  Nostalgic Candy

79.  On the Day You Were Born Custom Star Chart

80.  Sunken Treasure Coin Pendant

81.  Vintage Wood Burning Kit

Something Special on Etsy for the Coffee Lover

Coffee is a national weakness, and Etsy sellers come through with some pretty cool gifts for all those coffee lovers in your life. (And, no, it won’t be another “I love coffee” T-shirt.)

82.  Vintage Coffee Mug

83.  Vintage Coffee Tin

84.  Vintage Coffee Sign

85.  Vintage Coffee Grinder

Vintage Gifts for the Business Person

Adding a quality vintage item to an office is pretty awesome, in my opinion. Find some vintage gifts below that won’t smack you in the face that will give a touch of classy character.

86.  Vintage Drink Coaster

87.  Vintage Desk Set

88.  Vintage Perpetual Calendar

89.  Vintage Stapler

90.  Vintage Working Wall Clock

91.  Vintage Paper File

92.  Vintage Desk Sculpture

93.  Vintage “Later” Paper Clip

Vintage Teacher Gifts

And don’t forget to get your kids’ teacher a gift over on Etsy! Once you start buying vintage gifts, you’ll try to come up with more people to buy for because it’s so much fun.

94.  Vintage Brass School Bell

95.  Vintage Bookends

96.  Vintage Text Book in Their Subject

97.  Vintage School Sign

98.  Vintage Child’s Slate Chalkboard

99.  Vintage Map Poster or Globe

100.  Vintage Desk Lamp

I hope these 100 budget friendly vintage gift ideas from Etsy has helped you think of some awesome vintage gift ideas for your family member or friend. There is a whole world of vintage possibilities for unique and thoughtful gift options that will be long remembered.

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Comment below and tell me if you would considered giving vintage gifts and for what person in your life! Has someone gifted you vintage gems in the past? I’d love to hear about it!

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