Mobile Home Mid Century Style Kitchen Makeover Before and After

mid century modern mobile home kitchen with vintage styled refrigerator and open shelving

You might look at inspiring Pinterest boards at all the beautiful Mid Century Modern or Farmhouse kitchen remodels and sigh. Because you live in a mobile home, apartment or some other home that just isn’t cut out for design inspiration. Or is it? Today I’m sharing with you our mobile home Mid Century style kitchen makeover before and after that just might change your mind about the possibilities of your type of kitchen.

Bungalow Kitchen Remodel Before and After Tour

Our first home was a quaint little bungalow built in 1900, but the mustard yellow walls and cave-like kitchen were not so quaint. After tearing everything out, we built a dream kitchen for our little home. Here is our bungalow kitchen remodel before and after tour.

Pros and Cons of Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash

white kitchen countertop with green sticky tile open shelves fresh cut flowers coffee mug and a tea kettle

Are you in an affordable but ugly kitchen rental or need a temporary kitchen makeover before spending big money on your dream kitchen?  Here are the pros and cons of peel and stick tile backsplash for a kitchen update on a budget.

DIY Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas

I feel like these fabulous HGTV house renovation shows leave out the people who live in a manufactured home. I’m here to give you DIY mobile home remodeling ideas based on our recent move to a 1978 single wide trailer.