28 Ideas Where to Donate Garage Sale Leftovers

Who takes garage sale leftovers? That is the million dollar question when you’re looking at your unsold items after your successful garage sale. Get rid of that donate pile easily; don’t keep it in your garage for months! I will give you 28 ideas of where to donate garage sale leftovers.

Overview of Where to Donate Garage Sale Leftovers

Yes, we all know that Goodwill and the DAV takes donations of leftover items from your rummage sale. But what if you have electronics, paint or other items Goodwill won’t accept? Or what if you don’t have a truck to haul that old couch to the donation center? Or what if you want to donate to a specific cause? Here is a list of non-profit organizations that is a great way to get rid of your good but unwanted items.

  • Foster Care Closet
  • Habitat ReStore – free pick up for furniture, paint and building supplies
  • Human-I-T takes electronics for low income families
  • Big Brother Big Sister and The Assistance League serves youth
  • The Arc serves the disabled
  • Furniture Bank Network provides furniture for low income families
  • Pregnancy Crisis Center
  • Animal Humane Society
  • Little Free Library
  • Local School
  • World Computer Exchange

 How to Quickly Sort Garage Sale Leftovers in Donate or Sell Piles

It’s Saturday evening after a very.long.weekend of holding your profitable garage sale. The last thing you want to think of is what to do with garage sale leftovers! But don’t (pleeeeease don’t) just pile everything back into your garage “to deal with later.” The purpose is to clean out your garage, not to create piles you’ll forget for another ten months.

  • Take one hour (just one hour…DO IT!) at the closing of your garage sale to quickly sort what you’ll donate and what you’ll keep to sell online.
  • Have cardboard boxes, trash bags and plastic tubs set out.
  • Quickly sort each category of small items into “Donate,” “Sell Online and Ship” or “Sell Online Locally” piles. (DO NOT overthink this. These are leftovers. If in doubt…DONATE!)
  • Separate the “Donate” pile into different charitable organizations, if you are giving to more than one.
  • Box and bag up your donations and label with the charity name (if you are using free pick up)
  • Schedule a trip to the donation center or a call to schedule a pick up ON MONDAY to get rid of the pile ASAP.

Which Charities Offer Donation Pickups?

A very handy yet underutilized asset is donation pick up for small to large items. Most of the time this service is free, but check to make sure. You will need to schedule a pick up time. Sometimes charities need a couple weeks notice (some only need a day or two). Then read or ask for what they accept and don’t accept. Finally, ask the best ways for items to be set out and how to label the items that they are to pick up.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore 


Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 

Vietnam Veterans of America and Pick Up Please

Salvation Army 

Furniture Bank Network 

**Website says Canada, but there are locations in the United States and Canada**

Big Brothers Big Sisters 

Cause-Driven Charities You Can Donate Leftover Garage Sale Items To

We all know the trusty old Goodwill and DAV will take donations. Nearly every city has these. And you can choose to easily drop off here. But you may want to donate to local charities that supports a specific cause or takes a specific items. Here are a number of cause driven charities, who they serve and what they accept as donations as well as links to their websites.

And don’t forget to get a tax receipt so you can take a tax deduction if you itemize for the past year.

Charities Serving the Disabled

1. The Arc 

Serves: Those with mental and physical disabilities

Accepted Items: Household, furniture, small appliances, books, clothing, antiques, etc. (Call your local chapter for specific items.)

NOT Accepted Items: Some electronics, mattresses, building supplies, baby furniture (call for specific list)

2. Goodwill Industries 

Schedule a free donation pickup!

Serves: “Goodwill Industries of Kansas, Inc.’s mission is to provide opportunities to people with disabilities and barriers to employment seeking independent and productive lives.”

Accepted Items: Household, books, clothing, antiques, etc.

NOT Accepted Items: Some electronics, mattresses, building supplies, baby furniture (call for specific list of items)

Charities Serving Low Income

3. Local Thrift Shop

Often serves: Local families in need.

Accepted Items: Household, furniture, antiques, clothing, etc

NOT Accepted Items: Some electronics, mattresses, building supplies, baby furniture (call for specific list)

4. Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Schedule a free pickup!

Serves: “Our advocacy efforts focus on policy reform to remove systemic barriers preventing low-income and historically underserved families from accessing adequate, affordable shelter.”

Accepted Items: Furniture, large appliances, building materials, cars, household items, yard tools

NOT Accepted Items: Clothing, mattresses, baby furniture (call for specific list)

5. Furniture Bank Network 

Schedule a free pickup

Serves: “Furniture banks are…designed to provide gently used household furnishings to individuals and families in need, at little or no cost.”

Accepted Items: Good, usable furniture, kitchenware, linens. Will take mattresses and box springs for $25 recycling fee.

Not Accepted Items: Everything else

6. Salvation Army 

Call to schedule a free pickup!

Serves: “The Salvation Army, an international movement…Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.”

Accepted Items: Household, books, clothing, antiques, etc.

NOT Accepted Items: Some electronics, mattresses, building supplies, baby furniture (call for specific list)

7. Local Churches

Serves: Low income, victims of domestic abuse, homeless, foster care childrens, etc

Accepted Items: Call a local church to find out if they are needing particular items for people they serve in the community.

8. Union Rescue Mission

Serves: Vulnerable men, women and children, often giving them an overnight place to stay

Accepted Items: Clothing, accessories, household items, furniture,

NOT Accepted Items: Varies; call your local Union Rescue Mission

Charities Serving Kids

9. Assistance League

Serves: “Students whose families are facing economic hardship and individuals who have been victims of violence.”

Accepted Items: Household, furniture, antiques, clothing, musical instruments, etc

NOT Accepted Items: Some electronics, mattresses, building supplies, baby furniture (call for specific list)

10. Foster Care Closets

**Google “foster care closet near me” for a location near you.**

Serves: Kids in foster care

Accepted Items: Kids clothing, blankets, toys and children’s items (varies according to each charity)

NOT Accepted Items: Varies according to each charity.

11. Big Brothers Big Sisters

Schedule a free pickup

Serves: Children, especially those at high risk.

Accepted Items: Clothing, household items, books, video games, DVDs, toys, bicycles, cars, fine art

NOT Accepted Items: Furniture, mattresses, miscellaneous items such as encyclopedias. See list HERE.

12. Local Schools

Serves: Your local school kids

Accepted Items: Sometimes accepts books, school and classroom supplies. Call your local school to find out their needs.

Charities Serving United States of America Veterans

13. Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Call to schedule a free pickup!

Serves: Disabled Veterans

Accepted Items: Household, books, clothing, antiques, etc.

NOT Accepted Items: Some electronics, mattresses, building supplies, baby furniture (call for specific list)

14. Vietnam Veterans of America 

Find your location and schedule by phone

Serves: All veterans, especially the homeless and disabled

Accepted Items: Clothing, household, electronics, small furniture, books, toys 

NOT Accepted Items: TVs, large furniture, appliances

Charities Serving Animals

15. Animal Humane Society

**Google “humane society wish list near me” to find your local shelter**           

Serves: Abandoned animals

Accepted Items: Scratching posts, pet beds, leashes, toys all in good condition, cleaning supplies (varies according to each location)

NOT Accepted Items: Varies according to each location. Call your local shelter location.

16. Local Animal Shelter

**Google “animal shelter near me” to find a local charity for donation needs.**

Serves: Abandoned and homeless animals

Accepted Items: Varies according to each location.

Charities Serving Victims of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking

17. Domestic Shelters Database

**This is a database where you can search for a charity near you serving those suffering from domestic violence.**

Serves: Victims of domestic violence

Accepted Items: Varies according to the shelter in your area

NOT Accepted Items: Varies according to the shelter in your area

18. Local Human Trafficking Charity

**Google “human trafficking charity near me” to find a location**

Serves: Victims of sex trafficking

Accepted Items: Varies according to each location. Call your local charity to find their wish list.

Charities Serving Those Who Are Sick

19. Ronald McDonald House

Serves: Families with sick children

Accepted Items: New toys, household items, personal care items (varies according to each location)

20. Local Hospital

**Google “hospital near me”**

Serves: Those who are sick

Accepted Items: Each hospital is different, but many accept toys, blankets, stuffed animals. Call to find their wish list.

21. Pregnancy Crisis Center 

Serves: Women facing an unplanned pregnancy

Accepted Items: Newborn clothing, blankets, maternity clothing, etc. (Varies according to each location)

Charities That Accept Just Electronics

22. Human-I-T

Serves: Low income people who do not have access to technology

Accepted Items: Computer systems, office equipment, hand-held devices, warehouse equipment, audio and video equipment.

NOT Accepted Items: Appliances, hazardous materials

23. World Computer Exchange 

**You can drop off or mail items in with a free shipping label**

Serves: Schools in underdeveloped countries

Accepted Items: i Series laptops, tablets, smart phones, projectors, video equipment, RAM, hard drives, USB thumb drives

NOT Accepted Items: Printers, anything not on the list HERE 

24. Cell Phones for Soldiers

Serves: Active duty soldiers and veterans

Accepted Items: Cell phones of all types

NOT Accepted Items: Computers, accessories not in the original packaging

Miscellaneous Ways to Donate Items

25. Little Free Library

You know those cute little boxes randomly placed in neighborhoods? You can find one near you to fill with books and let the next person enjoy!

26. Local Library

Local libraries often take donated media. Call to find out.

Accepted Items: Books, DVDs, CDs, audio books

27. The Lions Club

Enter your zip code in the database to find a location near you.

Accepted Items: Eyewear

28. Green Drop 

Serves: This is a donation pickup service that takes your items to local charity shops.

Now you have no excuse to get rid of that (small) pile of items that did not sell at your garage sale. Whether you choose a quick drop off to your local nonprofit organization, schedule a pickup for your furniture or parcel out your items to various charities serving different people or animals, you now have a good idea of where to donate garage sale (or estate sale) leftovers. It is important to get rid of unused items and keep them out of the landfill. And the joy of giving can’t be beat.

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