Best Vintage Nursery Wallpaper Designs

Congratulations! You’re having a baby, and you’re dreaming of the most darling baby nursery you saw on Pinterest. But browsing online wallpaper options has left your head spinning. To make life just a little easier for you, I’ve rounded up 44 best vintage nursery wallpaper designs whatever your personal style and baby gender may be. 

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Your husband may scratch his head at your insistence at wallpapering your baby’s room while you’re 5 months pregnant. But I get ya’, girlfriend. There are some things that HAVE TO BE DONE, and wallpaper for your baby’s nursery room is one of them. Don’t question the sanity of a Pinterest inspired pregnant woman!

Will Wallpaper Go Out Of Style Soon?

Wallpaper is a huge trend these days, and new parents and experienced parents everywhere are jumping in with both feet. But after all this work hanging wallpaper and money spent, you may wonder if it will be less than appealing in 5 years. Obviously, a lot depends on the kind of wallpaper you choose. But I can tell you:

  • Wallpaper has been around for centuries. Though it was not as widely used the past decade, it is still a stylish option for many décor styles and rooms.
  • These are some seriously cute wallpaper options that will last as toddler, preschooler and kid’s room wallpaper. No, you won’t have to totally redecorate in two years for a big kid room (unless you want to).
  • Wallpaper has come a long way from past types that are torture to remove. From self-adhesive wallpaper to traditional paste wallpaper, the technology of both make removing wallpaper much easier. So even when your tastes change and you do want to remove the wall paper, it will be much simpler than that orange flocked wallpaper of the ‘70s..

Removable Sticky Wallpaper vs. Traditional Wallpaper

I recently covered my bathroom with a beautiful removable wallpaper. While I love the pattern, I would honestly say, removable peel and stick wallpaper is NOT my recommendation. My very-experienced-in-wallpapering mom helped me, and she also said she much prefers traditional paste wallpaper.

I will go into more detail about the type of wallpaper in a future post, but paste wallpaper can slide around a bit when you’re hanging it, making it much, MUCH easier to match up the pattern of each strip. Peel and stick wallpaper, well, it STICKS. Yes, you can pull off and re-stick if you did not match up juuuuuuuust right. But after a couple pulls and re-sticks, the wallpaper stretched out, became bubbled and would NOT lay flat. 

However, I did include a number of nursery peel and stick wallpaper as available options in this list for the following reasons:

  • It is the best removable option for rentals (though you still need to test in an inconspicuous place for removal first).
  • There is a wide range of adorable patterns for baby wallpaper in peel and stick.
  • Based on online reviews, people have managed to master hanging it better than I did. 

Just know that this list is comprised of peel and stick nursery wallpapers, traditional paste wallpaper and wallpaper that needs paste applied. Read carefully before purchasing to make sure you understand which kind you’ll be receiving.

How I Chose This List of Best Vintage Nursery Wallpaper Designs

I had so much fun finding these best nursery wallpaper ideas! I looked at four companies:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Wallpops
  • Wallpaper Direct

The only company I’ve personally ordered wallpaper from is Wallpops. They are a company that deals only with peel and stick wallpaper. I did like the company and the quality of the paper. 

The other companies have good customer service track records and some offer free shipping (hello, Wayfair and Amazon!). I also chose wallpapers that had over 4 star reviews from customers to make sure it was good quality.

I also wanted most nursery decor options to be able to age well, so it could serve as a child’s room wallpaper. Some choices can even transition to office or guest room wallpaper!

Cost of Wallpaper for Baby Nursery

Most of the wallpaper I chose is $30 – $75 per double roll. Some of it goes to $150 per double roll. Yes, this may seem costly, and it is certainly more than paint. But it is definitely a wonderful way to make a huge decorating impact in your nursery design. (And it wasn’t near the cost of $1000 for peel and stick murals wallpaper I found!)

Please measure your total square footage carefully before starting to calculate how much you need so you can accurately know the cost. And remember, you can always wallpaper a single wall for a statement wall and paint the remaining walls. This is very common.

Some options are also peel and stick mural panels, so you would only need to buy one set and center it on an accent wall. This is a good idea to use if cost is an issue and a way to add themed design elements in art form.

I know choosing the right wallpaper is an important decision in your overall nursery interior design. But really, go with your gut, whether it’s bold wallpaper patterns choice or sweet pastel colors. There’s no right nursery wallpaper. This is the perfect opportunity to experiment and have fun with your baby’s nursery! Bring on: Project Nursery!

Gender Neutral Nursery Wallpapers

1. Hot Air Balloons and Animals

2. Clouds and Stars

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

3. Travel the World Map

4. Zebras and Arrows

Courtesy Wayfair

5. Farmhouse Paneling

Baby Girl Nursery Wallpaper

6. Bunnies and Bluebirds

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

7. Pink Toile

Courtesy Wayfair

8. Pink Cherry Trees

Courtesy Wayfair

9. Olive Branches

10. Sweet Gingham

Courtesy Wallpops

Baby Boy Nursery Wallpaper

11. Vehicles in Bright Colors

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

12. Outer Space and Aliens

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

13. Outdoor Camping

Courtesy Wayfair

14. Paper Airplanes

Courtesy Wayfair

Floral Wallpaper

15. Bold Florals

16. Barely Pink Smaller Pattern

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

17. Charcoal Flowers

Courtesy Wallpops

18. Dark Green and Flowers

Animal Wallpaper

19. Jungle Animals

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

20. Forest Animals

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

21. Sweet Farm Life

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

Geometric Pattern Wallpaper Design

22. Retro Pink Geometric

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

23. Navy Geometric

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

Birds and Butterflies

24. Pop of Color Butterflies

Courtesy Wayfair

25. Flying Storks

Courtesy Wallpops

26. Blue Swallows

Courtesy Wayfair

27. Golden Starlings

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

Modern Nursery Wallpaper

28. Jaguar in the Jungle

Courtesy Wallpops

29. Polka Dots

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

30. Deep Blue and Gold

Courtesy Wayfair

Nursery Theme Wallpaper

31. Rustic Forest

Courtesy Wayfair

32. Ocean Life

Courtesy Wayfair

33. Watercolor Forest

Courtesy Wayfair

34. Musical Animals

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

35. Ships on the Sea

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

36. Old Fashioned Circus

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

Wallpaper Murals

37. Dinosaur Mural

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

38. Moonbunnies

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

39. Safari Mural

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

Adult-Style Baby’s Nursery Wallpaper

40. Birds and Trees

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

41. Embossed and Paintable Flowers

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

42. Birds in a Tree

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

43. Vintage Flowers

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

44. Vintage Cloud

Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

I hope this list of 44 best vintage nursery wallpaper designs helped you in choosing the perfect room wallpaper for your bundle of joy! Whether your decorating style is Mid Century, Farmhouse Chic or Modern, there is an option for you. I’m sure your baby’s special place will become a special memory for many years. (My mom still talks about the fond memories she has of creating my baby room!) This is a celebration of new life!

Comment below and tell me which baby’s bedroom wallpaper you liked the best. I would love to hear from you.

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