Kids’ Budget Mobile Home Bedroom Makeover Before and After

What are some mobile home kids bedroom makeover ideas on a budget? Do you live in a single wide mobile home or even a small house that’s, shall I say, ugly? But you might not have a ton of money to put into a renovation. Here is our kids’ budget mobile home bedroom makeover before and after pictures that will give you inspiration. Go from ugly room to cheery bedroom with a few simple updates.

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Overview Our Mobile Home Living

Three years ago, we purchased 10 acres, a farmhouse needing a complete renovation and a 1979 mobile home in the back. We were thankful for the mobile home, but she was ug-ga-ly (and full of mice). We named her Bertha. 

During our 3+ year DIY farmhouse renovation, we have been living in the old single wide mobile home and loving our time here. But before moving in, it badly needed a makeover. Since we were sinking money into the other house, this single wide makeover had to be extremely low budget.

Here is our kids’ budget mobile home bedroom makeover before and after photos with cost breakdown so you can be inspired to quickly turn an outdated, depressing small bedroom into a space you love.

Size of Mobile Home Bedroom 

9 ½ feet x 11 ½ square feet, including closet and built in dresser. One corner is taken out by the furnace closet on the other side of the wall.

This is a two bedroom mobile home. Our oldest two kids, currently 4 and 6 years old, have shared this bedroom comfortably for almost three years.. Yes, there are some issues we’ve had to think through with two kids in a small space, but it fits their clothing, select toys and bed very well. It’s amazing how little you need when it comes down to it!

Bedroom Before Photos

Our single wide mobile home was manufactured in 1979. Thankfully, the previous owners replaced the shag carpet. Well, most of it…the closets had reminders of the nastiness of 40 year old shag carpet mixed with mice infestation. While I think retro paneled walls can work in some homes, the paneling in our single wide just made the whole space feel dark and dirty. 

Bedroom Changes We Did (and Didn’t) Make

Honestly, we didn’t change a whole lot in the kids’ small mobile home bedroom makeover before and after. We had to update the entire home in one month, so we could only make the most important changes.

Caulking Trim and Windows 

Blocking mice and bugs from coming in was the first thing we did and priority number one. There were large cracks around the trim and quite a bit of water rot inside the windows. Caleb replaced some window sash boards (unfortunately, the windows stayed), and we caulked everything in the room.

Wall, Door and Ceiling Paint 

I went with the same white paint color all throughout the entire house just to save time. Paint alone did wonders for our small bedroom makeover as it instantly transformed the whole room feel from dark and dirty to fresh and clean. 

We had to use Kilz stain blocker water base paint on the closet ceiling to cover water damage spots. For the walls, I just used Valspar Signature paint with primer. I had to do three coats of paint to finally cover that dark paneling.

Light Fixture 

Updating light fixtures is such an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of a room. Since I was going for a slight Mid Century Modern vibe in our mobile home, I chose these lights that had a Modern look but simple style.

Drawer Pulls and Slides

The built in dresser drawers were all needing repairs. We installed replacement plastic slides since they had all been broken over the years. I updated the drawer pulls (another way to make simple updates) with a simple, Modern style handle. To make it easier, I chose drawer pulls in the same width as the old pulls so we didn’t need to drill new holes.

Curtain Rod and Curtains

We installed the same style of curtain rods throughout the house. Again, given more time I would probably made each room more unique, but this was fast and simple. I went with the same simple, black style as the rest of the home’s hardware. The curtains were some we brought from our old house. I hemmed them to fit the shorter windows.


Alas, I am sad to say we did not replace the old carpet. It was in decent condition though I wasn’t in love with it. And when/if we ever tear out the carpet, we’re going to have to go all in and replace the rotting subfloor too. This was something we just didn’t have the time or money to do. (The subfloor is fine for now but just a little “soft” in areas around the edges.)

We did purchase a great carpet shampooer and extensively clean the carpets. Ya’ do what you can do and try not to think about the rest. 

Cost of Small Bedroom Makeover

This DIY small mobile home room makeover was extremely cheap. Though I would have loved to be more creative with it and add more updates to the kid’s room, we were able to completely update the feel and look with paint, lighting and hardware. 

White Caulk = $5

Paint = $90

Door Knob  = $20

Light Fixture  = $45 (now priced $65)

Drawer Pulls = $11

Drawer Slides = $5

Curtain Rod = $12

Total cost of small mobile home bedroom makeover = $188

Bedroom Makeover After Photos

After all the cleaning and painting, I felt confident that my kids’ would have a safe and clean space to play and sleep in. While a tad boring, the white wall color gives a simple backdrop for all their collections and toys. And the simplicity lends the perfect balance so your eyes are able to rest instead of bouncing all over the small child’s room.

Shop the Look for Small Kid’s Bedroom 

Light Fixture 

Drawer Pulls

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Cubby Storage Boxes 

Looking back at our kids’ budget mobile home bedroom makeover before and after photos makes me thankful we took some time and a little money out to update their new room for them. These simple updates certainly make me happier to be in their small room. 

So take a weekend and a small budget of less than $200 to invest in updating your small bedroom. Whether it’s a kids’ room, guest room or even office, you’ll be glad that you have an entire room that feels fresh and ready to relax in and call home.

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