Step By Step Clothesline Tutorial [with mommy’s helper clothesline]

little girl playing outside amongst clothing items drying on clothes line

Why read a blog post clothesline tutorial? The differences between this DIY clothesline and other tutorials is that I walk you through customizable options for your situation, each step has real-life photos and videos plus a bonus retractable kid’s clothesline attached so your kids can join you in real life! Follow me as I walk through this easy and in depth tutorial for a step by step clothesline tutorial with a bonus mommy’s helper clothesline.

How to Shop Garage Sales with Kids

a mother and her little girl sharing a krispy kreme donut while out garage saleing

You may love to shop garage sales, or you may want to learn the secrets to garage saling and saving lots of money on household items, kid’s clothes and vintage home décor. BUT. You have kids. Can you do both? As a mom of a 2 and 4 year old, I am going to teach you how to shop garage sales with kids.

How to Mix Kids and Vintage Decor

Yes, I will tell you how to mix kids AND vintage décor without losing your ever-lovin’-mind about someone breaking a priceless heirloom.